Mr. Tole 213/1 Wins Grand Champion Bull at Azuero

May 6, 2024

At the heart of Panama’s prestigious Azuero Fair, an event that showcases the pinnacle of agricultural and livestock talents, Mr. Tole 213/1, a Noble son, clinched the title of Grand Champion Bull. This Brahman bull, owned and bred by Ganadera Circle 5—a renowned Panamanian ranch under the stewardship of Carlos Castillo and his family—stands as a testament to superior breeding and meticulous care. The victory is not just an honor but a continuation of a revered lineage, as Mr. Tole 213/1 is a proud son of Noble, one of the most celebrated sires in the Brahman world.

Ganadera Circle 5’s commitment to excellence is reflected in Mr. Tole 213/1’s robust build, outstanding muscle definition, and a commanding presence that makes him a standout in any show ring. Noble’s genetic influence is evident in his son, showcasing traits that are highly valued in Brahman cattle: adaptability, resilience, and superior genetic qualities that promise to enhance the breed further.

The Azuero Fair, a focal point for Panama’s agricultural community, offers a platform where the finest of the region are displayed. The fair’s reputation for celebrating Panama’s rich agricultural heritage makes Mr. Tole 213/1’s victory even more significant. It highlights Ganadera Circle 5’s role in promoting and enhancing livestock quality, which is crucial for the advancement of Panama’s agricultural standards.

Carlos Castillo and his family at Ganadera Circle 5 have demonstrated their expertise in cattle breeding, and Mr. Tole 213/1’s win at the 2024 Azuero Fair is a landmark achievement that reinforces the enduring legacy of Noble. It’s a victory not only for Ganadera Circle 5 but also for the future of Brahman cattle breeding in Panama and beyond, ensuring that the lineage of excellence continues to thrive.

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