Miss V8 464/6

Miss V8 464/6 Reference Donor

Miss V8 464/6

+Miss V8 464/6 is a reference donor that appears in many BRC pedigrees and in our opinion one of the greatest Brahman females of all time from a phenotypic standpoint. This photo, taken by Brandon Cutrer, is one of all time favorite Brahman photos.

Miss V8 464/6 was named Grand Champion Female at Houston in 2007, owned by the Houston Munson Family. While at the show, Rachel facilitated the sale of 464 to Carlos Lee of Panama. After Carlos purchased 464, she was shown at the 2008 World Brahman Congress, where she was named Grand Champion Female. Through the years, she has produced many outstanding great cattle for many breeders.

Her influence at BRC is shown through two of her herd bull sons that we purchased from Southern Cattle when we made that acquisition of their herd – Mr. V8 596/6 and Mr. V8 194/7. You’ll also find her as a reference donor in the pedigree of Captain, a 191 son.

Miss V8 464/6 is a great example of a very feminine, long bodied, powerful Brahman female that has made her impact through great sons and daughters in herds throughout the Brahman breed.

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