Match the Best BRC Bulls to Your Brahman Cows

April 11, 2020

The BRC / Brahman Country Genetics team is at your service to help you find the best possible Brahman AI sires for your cow herd.

Of course, our #1 preferred method to help you match the best bulls to your cow herd is with a ranch visit. You are welcome to visit BRC Ranch at anytime!

If you can’t quite make the trip to Boling, Texas, you can give us a call anytime to talk through our sires. It’s often easiest just to talk through your cow herd, your bloodlines, and what you are striving for in your breeding program. You’ll find that we give honest answers and aren’t overly pushy just to make a sale.

If you’re more of an e-mailer or texter, you can text pictures of your cattle and your pedigrees to 979-218-4157 and we’ll get to our genetics team of Brandon Cutrer and Keaton Dodd who will help match up the best sires for your program.

Here are a few facts about using Brahman Country Bulls and BRC bulls that you might not know:

  • We offer crossbreeding discounts! If you’re using our semen to breed on anything OTHER than purebred Brahman, we offer semen units from $25 and up. (There’s no AI certificates with these though).
  • We offer volume price point discounts for those who buy 50 units or more, and another discount for those who buy 100 units or more!

Let us be your Brahman guides, whether you have 5 females or 500 females. We are here to help you succeed in the Brahman business!

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