Marketing F-1 Cattle

Marketing Your F-1 Brahmans

We believe the Brahman F-1 is the best cross for the United States Gulf Coast – aka “Brahman Country” – and that using a Brahman bull or Brahman cow in a crossbreeding program just makes sense for this environment.

There will always be a strong demand for the Brahman F-1 female, also known as “The Queen of Cow Country” because as Bubba Sartwelle says, “She’s worth more because she does more…for longer.”

This blog contains some marketing options for selling your Brahman F-1 cattle.

Advertise Your F-1 Females on Facebook: If you have F-1 females sired by BRC bulls (either natural breeding or through AI using popular bulls like 259, 279 or 788), let us know so we can feature your cattle on our BRC Facebook. This is a free service.

Let us send pictures of your F-1 Females to Our Email List: We have a great network of email subscribers through BRC and through Rachel’s company Ranch House Designs. Our email blasts go to over 20,000 subscribers. We are always glad to share photos of yoru F-1 females for sale provided they are sired by BRC bulls or out of BRC females. Contact Rachel to set this up. Typically we sell our email blasts for $250 per email blast but we offer this as a free service to our BRC genetics customers.

Utilize your breed association! Breed associations offer great tools for marketing and promoting. To us, it makes great sense to breed Brahmans to Bos taurus breeds like Angus, Hereford, or Shorthorn – then come back with a breed like Charolais. Check out the following breed association programs for marketing ideas and educational programs.

For clients using the Brahman x Angus cross, visit to learn about the variety of options and tools available for marketing this very popular cross. Check out AAA’s commercial programs….

Any cattle sired by a BRC bull would be eligible to participate in the ABBA’s Certified F-1 program. This program offers a variety of options including ear tags, steer feeding trials, and more. Visit for information. 

The American Hereford Association is committed to helping F-1 producers market their Brahman x Hereford cattle through their Maternal Advantage Program as well as providing Hereford influenced feeder calf marketing options. Visit to learn about their great commercial programs.

Special F-1 Sales
If you have Brahman F-1 females – especially ones sired by well known BRC bulls – you can increase your premiums by participating in prestigious special F-1 female sales. Here are a few firms we recommend:

Beeville Livestock Commission Special Sales Beeville, TX
This is a great firm owned by the Butler family and they are experts in Brahman and Brahman cross cattle. Beeville Livestock Commission, Inc. was established in 1989 and is a family owned business.

Cattleman’s Brenham Livestock Brenham, Texas
This is another great marketing auction owned by Scotty Schwartz who knows and is actively involved in the Brahman business. They have several special sales and are a great business to work with.

Cowboy Sales
Clay Nohavitza and Matt Mills
These are our neighbors! They do a lot of hard work primarily promoting cattle on Facebook. Add Clay Nohavitza and Matt Mills as your friends to see their listings.

Pearsall Livestock Auction – Pearsall, Texas
This is another great family-owned livestock marketing in south Texas that we have worked with for nearly 20 years. They have been in business since 1944 and fun fact – this is our dear friend Kolten Thigpen’s family. They have lots of great sales.

South Texas Cattle Marketing is a group of South Texas ranches that came together in 1998 with the idea of raising and producing the BEST commercial females for use all over the Gulf Coast states, with a base cow herd of 3,200 Gray Brahman cows. They have two production sales annually: Labor Day weekend and the first Saturday in March.

Jordan Cattle Auctions in San Saba, Texas are known for their outstanding special sales. We have worked with the Jordan team for over 20 years. Check out their website for all the opportunities available.

Tom Johnson Cattle Marketing is one of the top F-1 marketing firms in the USA and we are also proud to work with this great team. They offer several special sales including Brahman, F-1 and Hereford cattle and are great to work with.

Broken Triangle Cattle Company is another great firm owned by Milton Charanza, who is an expert in Brahman cattle pedigrees. He offers several special sales throughout the year. Check him out at

Several other stock shows hold special sales in conjunction with their major shows. A lot of these are by consignment and require approval by the sale manager so if you are interested in participating in these, go ahead and call as soon as possible to get information.

Fort Worth Stock Show Replacement Female 

Houston Livestock Show All Breeds Commercial Sales
Gulf-Tex Marketing.

Superior Progressive Genetics
BRC-sired calves that sell on Superior are also eligible to be part of the “Superior Progressive Genetics” program and have this special logo next to their listing as well as the B.R. Cutrer logo on Superior’s video sales live on RURAL TV and the internet. 

Remember that our goal at BRC is to help our customers be profitable every step of the way. We are here to utilize every possible tool we have to help you succeed. Be sure to check out our Brahman bulls for AI that might be useful in your AI crossbreeding program. We offer volume discounts for purchases of 50+ units as well as other semen sales incentives.

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