Judging Team Workouts at BRC

April 27, 2021

In the spirit of BRC’s commitment to education, we are honored to serve as host to numerous intercollegiate and high school livestock judging teams who want to learn about Brahman cattle.

This spring, we were host to hundreds of collegiate livestock judging teams from Oklahoma all the way to North Dakota, as they travelled to Texas for the Houston Livestock Show Judging Contest.

The BRC Judging Team Workout was coordinated by Keaton Dodd, former coach of the TAMU Livestock Judging Team. BRC provided four classes of Brahman cattle for evaluation. The teams were able to place the classses, discuss with their coaches, and learn about the importance of Brahman cattle in both the southern USA and a global level.

We are happy to help other judging teams prepare for their contests. To schedule a judging team workout, contact Keaton Dodd at keaton@brcutrer.com.

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