Brahman Marbling

January 2020 Carcass Ultrasound Results

Carcass quality and efficiency is one of the main pillars of BRC’s Brahman 2020 quest. We are pleased to share the results of our most recent carcass ultrasound project.

In January 2020, we ultrasounded 30 calves as part of a contemporary group. These cattle are 100% Brahman.

The average % IMF (indicator of marbling) for the group was 4.18%, which is in the realm of predicting a USDA Choice quality grade. The lowest scanning calf was 3.7% (still very acceptable) and the highest marbling calf was 6.48%. The bulls being kept as possible herd bulls for BRC averaged 5.0% and higher. For more on using % IMF comparisons, read this PDF from the CUP lab.

We also like to analyze the rib eye size and ratio of rib eye area to cwt. Our goal is that animals have a minimum of 1.0 REA/CWT. This contemporary group had an average rib eye area of 11.7 sq. inches and average REA/CWT of 1.12 which is an above average indicator of muscling. Every calf met the 1.0 minimum threshold.

We also like to keep an eye on the average fat thickness, because we want cattle that can grade efficiently while still maintaining a yield grade of 1,2 or 3. The average fat thickness of this group was 0.26 inches, which is very lean.

If carcass quality matters to you – and it should – we would love to supply the Brahman bulls or replacement heifers to your cattle operation. You can request a sales estimate here to see what we have available, or give Brandon a call at 601-466-7536.

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