How to read codes on USA Semen Straws from Brushy Creek

May 23, 2023

With the abundance of semen we are shipping worldwide on BRC sires, we have had some questions from international customers in new markets that have asked what the codes printed on a semen straw mean.

Here is a explanation of what the codes mean on semen straws collected from Brushy Creek Custom Sires.

  • The name of the bull is listed first -i.e. BRC Boombox 38
  • The bull’s registration # is the second thing.
  • Next is the stud code assigned when the bull is first collected. Which can be their facility number plus an assigned number. Usually the first letters designate the breed. Example – BR means Brahman, AN means Angus
  • The next code will be the day code that the semen was collected. For example 22108.
  • Finally, you see the CSS emblem which is the universal code meaning the semen was collected in accordance with CSS semen standards.

The cane code of the bull will remain the same. The collection codes will change depending on the date the semen was processed.

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