How to Make 1/4 Brahman Cattle

October 10, 2022

by Rachel Cutrer

With the planet getting hotter, it just makes sense to have some level of Brahman blood in your cow herd to add the boost of heat tolerance needed for climate smart ranching. But, ranchers still get paid a premium for Choice and Prime, so carcass quality is very important.

With BRC, you can achieve both.

We’ve spent the last decade improving Brahman marbling and tenderness. When you make BRC the Brahman base in your crossbreeding program, you won’t sacrifice carcass quality. We’ve done the work. For Texas and the gulf coast, the halfblood Brahman female is the ticket. For those a little further north, the 1/4 blood is the way to go.

How to Make a 1/4 Blood

Creating the 1/4 Brahman can be achieved a few different ways. This graphic shows a basic two-step cross to achieve the 1/4 blood Brahman:

Source: BR Cutrer

Step 1: Create the halfblood.

This can be achieved two different ways: using a Brahman bull or using Brahman females. In the example above, we depict using a Brahman bull on Hereford females. This is a very common scenario in the gulf coast to create the 1/2 Blood Brahman x Hereford female. This is a very popular cross because the F1 Brahman female has the longevity, hybrid vigor and heat tolerance of the Brahman along with the maternal strength of the Hereford. You could achieve this cross in the same manner by using a Hereford bull on Brahman females.

Step 2: Create the 1/4 Blood

Next, you take the 1/2 Blood Brahman F1 females and breed them to a 3rd breed of choice. Many people like to use Angus or Charolais bulls at this cross. If you use an Angus bull, you can get the extra carcass quality, and retain the 1/4 blood females while still successfully marketing the 1/4 steers. Or, you can choose the Charolais bull for a terminal cross to really pack on the pounds and performance. There are a variety of scenarios that can work depending on your location and ranch marketing end-goals.

In our opinion, the 1/4 Blood Brahman based on BRC genetics for the Brahman part is the game-changer for the southern beef industry. We have done the work for a decade to produce quality marbling, tender Brahman cattle. Our position statement is basically, using our Brahman genetics will not “hurt” your cattle if marketed on the grid. But, you’ll get all the added benefits of Brahman cattle such as heat tolerance, longevity, and hybrid vigor.

And, we are constantly improving. We never stop.

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Come take a look at the Modern Brahman from BRC. Carcass quality, along with moderate frame, above average muscling and bone, focus on fertility, and still a great look are important here. We’d love to show you around! Come see us in Boling, Texas. 

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