History of Brahman Pedigrees Online Webinar Now Available

January 25, 2021

BRC is proud to present a new course offering to help new breeders (or experienced breeders who want a refresher) learn the major bloodlines impacting the Brahman breed from the 1920s to present.

NEW COURSE: History of Brahman Pedigrees

You’ve heard of bulls like Manso obviously, but this presentation will discuss tons of other great bulls who have shaped the breed over the last century.

What you’ll get:

  • 1 hour recording of a Live Zoom presentation featuring an overview and history of major Brahman bloodlines
  • A look at a few of the smaller breeders and how their bulls made an impact.
  • A glance at how older pedigrees impact today’s modern Brahman.

In this video, Keaton Dodd goes decade by decade to showcase different trends in bloodlines, ranches impact, and specific bull’s impact on cattle type.

This course is available for $27, or if you are a customer of BRC / Brahman Country Genetics over the last 12 months it is available at no charge. Customers, please email office@brcutrer.com and we will be happy to send you a login link.

Click here to purchase / subscribe to the course!

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