History of Brahman Bloodlines

Here are BRC, we’re just as passionate about Brahman history as we are Brahman future! Keaton Dodd, Director of Genetics, put together this great Brahman history presentation outlining the major bloodlines of Brahman cattle.

Watch this hour-long video where Keaton travels decade-by-decade to review some of the most influential Brahman cows and Brahman bulls of Brahman history.


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  1. Hello,

    Very interesting video, thank you. I have thousands of questions running through my mind. But I will content myself with posing just a few.

    So there you go, I am raising a small herd of Brahmans in New Caledonia, and I would like to know if you have written or if it was possible to find a bible on the selection of Brahmans ?

    And my last question, how do you go about choosing the bull to introduce to your cows, the eliminatory criteria ?

    Best Regard,

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