Half-Interest and Partnership Female Questions

October 14, 2022

Partnerships in high-profile cattle are often very common, since sellers often wish to retain a partial interest in their best females. But, partnerships can be tricky, so we have put together this informational blog to list some of the common questions and ways that we handle partnerships at BRC. Each ranch does it different. This is just the way we do it. If you have any questions please contact Rachel at 979-218-4157.

What does half interest mean?

It means that you own half of the rights to the female. Typically these rights focus around embryo and flushing rights but also can include show rights and possession rights too.

 Who gets possession of the female?

This is usually casually worked out amongst the owners based on their percentage of ownership. If you own 50%, you would house the female at your house 50% of the time. Again this is usually just worked out amongst the owners based on each of their convenience.

Who pays for the feed?

Whichever partner has the female in their possession at that time is responsible for the feed and care. If the animal is a show animal, the expenses including feed are usually split according to the percentage you own.

How does the showing work?

BRC prefers to show partnership females in our open show string, because we see these females as important to our marketing. However, this is negotiable. If the buyer also participates in open Brahman shows, we are open to discussion of who actually shows the female. If a junior buys the female and wishes to show in junior shows, a separate junior show rights agreement can be negotiated to allow you 100% of the show rights to be in compliance with any show rules.

Who decides what the cow is bred to?

For the first calf, both partners agree that the female will be bred to a calving ease sire that both parties agree on. After that, typically the female will be flushed, and whichever partner has the flush gets to decide what bull she is bred to.

Do I need insurance?

Yes. We recommend purchasing an insurance policy on the female – at least until she has her first calf or can be flushed for the first time – to protect your investment.

What if I want out of the partnership?

If either partner wants to get out of the partnership, they will give the other partner the first option of purchasing the other half at the initial purchase price.

Will I be listed as an owner on the registration papers?

If the female is being shown by BRC, she will be listed under BRC ownership and entries at the show, unless purchased by a junior who has executed a separate junior show rights agreement as listed above. Upon the completion of her show career, the female will be listed with multiple owners on the ABBA registration paper.

Can I be a silent partner?

Yes. We understand that some investors prefer privacy and we respect that. If you wish to be a silent investor we will not disclose your name to the public.

Who gets the natural calves?

If BRC maintains the female throughout her show career, BRC receives the first natural calf. If the new owner does not show the animal and takes her to their ranch immediately, the new owner receives the first natural calf. After the first natural calf, whichever partner has the animal in possession and is providing the care and management receives the natural calf in exchange for their investment in feeding and care.

Can I leave the female at BRC forever?

Yes. If you are simply looking for an investment female for embryos and you do not wish to have the female at your ranch, we understand that. In exchange for our care and management we will receive 100% ownership of the natural calves.

How does the flushing work?

Both partners agree that there will not be a flush performed until the female has one natural calf, or is bred, depending on the partners preference for IVF.

The flushing can work two ways. We prefer that each owner takes a turn at flushing and handles the flush dates, expenses, recips, freezing vs. putting in fresh, etc. So, the buyer would get the first IVF flush and gets 100% of the embryos produced. Then, BRC takes a turn and gets 100% of the embryos produced. Each partner has the right to flush the female to any bull of their choice.

When flushing, each partner is responsible for understanding any semen terms that go along with the bull used in the flush.

Can we sell embryos out of the female?

For international embryo sales, each partner can sell embryos at their own discretion. For USA embryo sales, we prefer that the partners have an agreement of whether we do or don’t sell embryos, so that the partners can maintain the exclusivity of their investments should they wish. BRC would not sell embryos out of a partnership cow without the other partner’s approval in the United States.

What other questions do you have?

Have we missed anything? Call or text Rachel if you have any questions at 979-218-4157.

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