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We get a lot of questions about Brahman cattle and we love to share our knowledge and experience to further benefit the Brahman breed. That is why we have developed this growing collection of free resources to help answer your most common questions about Brahman cattle.


FAQ’s About Brahman Cattle

The Brahman FAQ resource page is here to help answer your most common questions about Brahman cattle.

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"Man Must Measure" - Jan Bonsma

In 2011, we recieved a copy of this old, but outstanding book about animal husbandry, environment, and fertility from Louis Dooley, a fellow Brahman breeder. Reading this book changed our entire outlook on where our priorities should be in our Brahman herd. Until 2020, this was a rare book find. To celebrate BRC's 1st anniversary, we completed a full reprint and digital upgrade of the book, and we are happy to share copies of it with fellow interested breeders at no cost. Simple request a copy and we will be happy to mail it to you.

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Gestation Table

We've developed this 291 day gestation table so you can easily compare the date your Brahman was bred to when it's due to give birth. It's the perfect size to hang up in your ranch office, barn, or fold up to carry with you anywhere!

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BRC Brahman Calving Book

BR Cutrer has developed this handy Brahman Calving Book, designed to help you record all the information you’ll need when it comes time to register your Brahman calves, AND to take important phenotype measurements like udder score, teat score, mothering ability and more. We are so committed to helping build the Brahman database we are giving away these books! Just fill out the request below and we’ll drop yours in the mail to you!

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Get the B.R. Cutrer Bull Development Protocol

This download discusses how we manage our developing Brahman bulls at B.R. Cutrer, Inc. when Brandon managed their bull test, and how we currently manage our bulls. This management style has helped us master the ability to raise and sell commercial Brahman bulls that are rugged and ready to work – without falling apart on you after the first breeding season.

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BRC Brahman EPD Cheat Sheet

If you’re new in the breed, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with EPDs and what they mean. By request, we developed this handy quick reference that shows a description of each trait, the breed average, and in general whether a higher or lower number is desirable.

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Use of Brahman Bulls in Crossbreeding

Do you ever ask your buddy where he shot that trophy deer last year? You know what his answer will be….he won’t tell you! Sometimes rancher’s can be like that too. Smart cattlemen in Texas and the gulf coast know that there are two big reasons to use a Brahman bull in your F-1 program. And in this free publication, we’ll tell them to you.

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Why Use Brahman Cattle?

This download our top 10 reasons to use Brahman cattle in your ranch and the benefits of Brahman cattle.


Brahman Beef Cuts Chart

Ultimately, the commercial cattleman’s goal is to raise quality beef to feed the world’s consumer. This chart shows the different retail beef cuts from Brahman cattle.

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Learning to Judge Brahman Cattle

Learn the basics of judging this beautiful breed!


Sample Budget for a Purebred Brahman Operation

Do you wonder where to start in making a budget for your registered Brahman operation? BRC understands what it’s like to start from scratch, and have to make the operation profitable in order to grow and expand.

This Excel spreadsheet is the same spreadsheet we use in our budgeting and goals. It includes all the line items we have as income and expenses in our operation, so you can use it as a template in your own Brahman ranch.


Why Birthweight Matters In Brahman Cattle

When using Brahman bulls in a crossbreeding situation, you have to pay attention to birth weights and manage for calving ease. But, on the other hand, the Brahman cow magically lowers birthweight.

When using Brahman bulls in a crossbreeding situation, you have to pay attention to birth weights and manage for calving ease. But, on the other hand, the Brahman cow magically lowers birthweight. It’s easy to do when you understand the fundamentals. Learn more in our blog “Why Birth Weights Matter in Brahman Cattle.”

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Branding a Brahman

The American Brahman Breeders Association requires a brand in order to register your Brahman cattle. This chart explains the typical locations and content of Brahman brands.

The animal must be registered with both a holding brand of your ranch, and a unique individual identification number.

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Interest in Brahman cattle is at an all time high! But, we don’t recommend getting started in the breed unless you have an idea of how the cattle can work for you, and how you can make a viable business out of your Brahman herd. The good news is, we’re here to help!  Let’s setup a 20-minute call where Brandon or Rachel Cutrer can help share a road map for how you can use Brahman cattle in either a purebred or commercial cattle operation. Learn the basics of where Brahman cattle thrive, what makes them a great choice, and more!

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