Cattle Genetics: Our Approach

Brandon and Rachel Cutrer's Brahman cattle operation is the perfect intersection of "where tradition meets modern." We believe in taking "old school" cattle breeding methods like linebreeding, focusing on cow families, and outstanding stockmanship and meld them with modern technology, including genomic-enhanced EPDs, to offer you more consistency and predictability.

We aren't here to simply make a quick sale. We are here to be your trusted guides in your Brahman cattle journey, each step of the way. Our goal is to ensure the continued development of the greatest breed of cattle for the coastal and tropical climates - Brahman - and give you the opportunity to incorporate a superior, proven bloodline to your herd.
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What Are the EPDs in Cattle?

EPD stands for expected progeny difference. EPDs:

  • Predict what traits an animal will pass on to their offspring
  • Use performance records of the animal and its parents – such as birth, weaning, and yearling weight and environment – to determine their value
  • Help you compare value on sires, cows, and younger cattle

We’ve taken this valuable tool a step further by including the results of cattle DNA testing into the traditional EPD score. Genomic-enhanced EPDs can help you make accurate predictions about younger bulls that haven’t produced offspring yet. These advanced EPDs can increase your accuracy by over 10%.

BRC Genetics and Breeding: How We Are Different

Focus on breed improvement and pure bloodlines

We use the latest technology and progressive methods to improve the genetics of our herd – and yours. Our cattle, all of which are registered in the ABBA, can trace back to the original Brahman foundation stock.

BRC Genetic Partners Program

Our Genetic Partners Program helps you improve your herd with BRC genetics while increasing your bottom line. You benefit from exclusive purchasing options, including sexed heifer semen on order, discounts on semen purchases, and free consultations with our experts. We also help you market and sell your cattle. Read more about our BRC Genetic Partners Program.

The BRC Power Rating

We funded research from one of the world’s leading animal breeding experts to create this Brahman cattle selection tool, the first of it’s kind in the Brahman breed. It ranks all of the traits you want based on their economic value. This process results in one easy-to-understand number you can use to make better buying decisions. Put the BRC Power Rating to work for you. BRC Power Rating

How to Order Semen from Our Brahman Sires

BRC bull semen is available in the USA and for international shipment. For a semen sales estimate or to get a distributor in your country, email:

U.S. Semen Sales

In the United States, we:

  • Sell semen on an individual basis accompanied by the completion of an individual semen contract
  • Price each BRC bull individually
  • Offer semen to the public from a select group of all-purpose BRC sires through Bovine Elite

Semen prices on BRC bulls not listed on Bovine Elite range from $250 to $25,000. We base pricing on Brahman sire availability and how much you purchase. We customize pricing to your goals and needs.

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