BRC’s Top 10 Brahman Moments of 2023

December 28, 2023

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to reminisce on the incredible journey BRC has had throughout 2023. From triumphs in the show ring to impactful industry contributions, each moment has been a testament to dedication, hard work, and the passion for Brahman cattle.

10. Harley’s Mustache
To kick things off with a lighthearted note, Harley’s mustache became a whimsical highlight, sparking laughter and adding a dash of humor to our daily routines. We are so thankful to have a great team, where days are filled with good camaraderie and great friendships. Harley’s mustache has become the envy or our team, where several on the ranch (i.e. Brandon) wish they could grow on like this too.

9. Costa Rica Shipment
In a fulfilling partnership with a new customer in Costa Rica, we curated and delivered a magnificent load of cattle that exceeded expectations. This new client presented us with their goals and budget, and then turned it over to us and said “y’all put together the best set for me.” And we did. It was a joy to handpick and deliver a stellar set of cattle, meeting both budget and goals with excellence. We love helping people in their Brahman journey. In 2023, we completed shipments to breeders in Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Thailand, Costa Rica, Ecuador and more. We are always thrilled to see the BRC brand making a global impact.

8. All American / Junior National Wins
Witnessing the success of our youth in the All American show was truly heartwarming. Mollie Cutrer and Kase Baca’s grand championship victories with BRC animals showcased the exceptional quality and performance bred into our livestock, making us immensely proud. BRC Me Again Margaret 254 was named Grand Champion Female and BRC Amos Moses 257 was named Grand Champion Bull. The BRC junior show team had a great week, as you can see here!

7. BRC Summer Show Cattle Camps
Our commitment to nurturing the next generation of agricultural enthusiasts shone brightly through the summer show cattle camps. Hosting over 50 kids, these camps were a rapid sell-out, affirming our dedication to supporting and educating the future of the industry. It’s such a joy to see the confidence built in these young showman from start to finish, and to see the friendships that emerge after this event. We believe in the future of agriculture!

Rachel Cutrer

6. International Judging Trips
The honor of judging in two continents in 2023 was a testament to our team’s expertise and reputation on a global scale. Brandon Cutrer judged the National Brahman Show in Bolivia, and Rachel Cutrer judged the National Brahman Shows in Paraguay and Mexico. Rachel also traveled to Expica in Panama to witness our great customers and friends Carlos Castillo and Siguacan winning championships with BRC genetics, and that was incredibly gratifying.

5. Brahman Days and Night of Champions.
This annual educational extravaganza and celebration attracted record-breaking crowds. Sharing insights and wisdom with fellow breeders and the community while enjoying the magnificent ice sculpture made this event a standout memory. Our “Night of Champions” bid board event once again proved to be such a fun and innovative way to buy Brahman cattle. Join us in 2024!

BRC Me Again Margaret 254 - Grand Champion Female, 2023 National Brahman Show

4. National Brahman Show
A pinnacle moment where our efforts bore fruit – victories in every group class, the best breeders’ group, and breeding the champion bull and female – truly solidified BRC’s commitment to excellence in the Brahman breed.

Performance Breeder Grand Champion 2023 Houston Livestock Show

3. Winning Performance Breeder of the Year
Receiving the accolade of Performance Breeder of the Year from the American Brahman Breeders Association was a testament to our emphasis on real-world production traits, validating our dedication beyond the show ring. This award meant the world to our team, especially Brandon and Keaton.


2. Hosting the Brahman Country Genetics Customer Appreciation Sale
An opportunity to express gratitude to our customers and showcase our marketing prowess to benefit them, this event was particularly special for fostering connections and giving back. This sale featured 100% customer cattle who are using BRC genetics and grossed over $267,000 for an average of over $5700 per head – all going to our customers.


1. Glitter’s Triumph at Houston and as Champion of the World
The ultimate moment of glory came with BRC’s remarkable performance at Houston, winning 2023 International Champion Female at Houston with BRC Lady Glitter Sparkle 115. Then, just a few weeks ago, we were absolutely thrilled with Glitter’s crowning achievement as the Brahman Champion of the World among a field of exceptional Brahman females worldwide. As in everything we do, we give credit to our dedicated team, our breeding strategy, and God’s hand directing BRC Ranch.

As we look back on the incredible milestones of 2023, BRC stands at the forefront of innovation, excellence, and unwavering dedication within the Brahman cattle industry. Our commitment to superior genetics, exceptional customer service, and fostering the next generation of agricultural leaders makes BRC the trailblazers of Brahman.

In a breed where competition is fierce, the tides are changing. The old chains that have held the Brahman breed back are dwindling, while the future – led by BRC – shines ever brighter.

BRC is so much more than a ranch; it’s a thriving community, a family deeply passionate about Brahman cattle and dedicated to it’s continued growth and success. For those seeking excellence, quality, and a future built on innovation and winning spirit, there’s no better time to join us than now.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your endeavors, to embrace a beef industry brimming with possibilities, we invite you to step into the circle of champions. Whether you’re considering purchasing top-tier Brahman genetics, becoming a valued customer, or simply looking to build friendships with a winning team, BRC welcomes you with open arms.

Together, let’s forge ahead, because at BRC, the future of the Brahman breed is bright, and the journey promises nothing but greatness.

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