BRC Wins Inaugural Bos Indicus International “Phenotype to Genotype” Brahman Show

May 28, 2024

BRC Ranch’s prize-winning Brahmans rose to the top at the first-ever Bos Indicus International “Phenotype+Genotype” Brahman Show. This groundbreaking event, a first of its kind in the Brahman breed, marked a significant shift in how cattle are judged, blending traditional and modern evaluation methods to better align show ring outcomes with real-world production traits. Phenotype to genotype shows have become common in Angus, Simmental, and other breeds, highlighting performance show cattle.

A New Era of Judging

This innovative Brahman show evaluated cattle 70% on phenotype, the traditional method where judges assess animals based on their visual quality. However, the remaining 30% was determined by objective performance data: 25% from the animal’s maternal index and 5% from the terminal index. This method aims to factor in the importance of production traits like maternal ability and fertility, along with terminal traits like carcass quality. It also, to some degree, reduces human bias and favoritism, fostering a more ethical and transparent competition.

BRC’s Commitment to Ethics and Quality

At BRC, we champion these advancements in cattle judging. Our participation in this Brahman show underscores our dedication to breeding functional, high-quality show cattle while also endorsing efforts to improve ethical practices and eliminate human bias in the show ring. We believe that cattle should win shows based on their overall quality, not through politics with judges. Supporting our associations’ like the Red River Brahman Alliance’s efforts to create positive, innovative events that benefit the breed and industry as a whole is a cornerstone of our philosophy.

BRC’s Impressive Results

We are proud to report that BRC cattle excelled in this innovative show:

In the female show, BRC took home the Supreme Champion Female and the Reserve Supreme Champion Female. In this show, the champions of the grey Brahman and Red Brahman, along with other Bos Indicus breeds, were brought in for a “supreme championship.”

BRC Me Again Margaret 254, a Noble daughter out of 103, was named Grand Champion Grey Brahman, and Supreme Champion Female, winning a $2000 cash prize. Margaret is also the 2023 National Champion Brahman Female (traditional judging) and winner of the 2023 AJBA All American (traditional judging). This feat makes us extremely proud in knowing that our breeds highest winners are versatile enough to be “performance” and “real world” show cattle.

BRC Smoke Show 368 was named Reserve Grand Champion Grey Brahman, and also Reserve Supreme Champion Female. She is a daughter of MSP King Garrett and Sweetie. She too is a many time winner in traditional shows, including being the 2023 National Calf Champion Female. She is a maternal half-sister to the 2023 International Champion Female, BRC Lady Glitter Sparkle.

In the bull show, BRC Money Don’t Jiggle 240 was named Grand Champion Grey Brahman Bull, and Supreme Champion Bos Indicus Bull, earning a $2000 cash prize. He is a Noble x 103. Earlier this year, in a traditionally judged show, 240 was named Supreme Champion American Bull at the prestigious Cattleman’s Congress.

BRC Federale 331 was named 4th Overall Bull. He is a 160 son out of JLT Shannon. This bull was also named Calf Champion at the 2024 International Brahman Show, a traditionally judged show.

Judge PJ Budler, praised our champions as phenomenal examples of the type of quality the beef industry needs. His commendation is a testament to the exceptional standards we uphold at BRC.

“These champions are phenomenal, and 100 aligned with the needs of the beef industry,” he said. “It’s very hard to achieve this — combining cattle that are at the top of the breed for visual traits – and also in the top 1% of the breed for performance traits.” 

Promoting Innovation and Integrity

As advocates for innovation and integrity in the show ring, we are delighted that BRC rose to the top in this unbiased competition. Our success at this event highlights the superior quality of our cattle and our commitment to ethical practices. 

We believe that events like the Bos Indicus International “Phenotype+Genotype” Brahman Show are crucial for the future of the breed, promoting transparency, and aligning show ring results with real-world production values.

We look forward to participating in more such events and continuing to set the standard for excellence in the Brahman cattle industry.

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