BRC Ranch Sets Bold Precedent with Pioneering Carbon Assessment of High Marbling Brahman Cattle Production

August 28, 2023

Advancing Beef Cattle Excellence through Climate Smart Ranching

Boling, Texas, August 27, 2023 – BRC Ranch, a visionary leader in the cattle industry, has taken a groundbreaking stride towards sustainable and innovative cattle production with the completion of its inaugural carbon assessment.

In a remarkable display of leadership, BRC Ranch reaffirms its commitment to sustainable ranching practices and environmental stewardship. BRC Ranch is an avid spokesperson for climate smart ranching and the role that Brahman cattle and crossbreeding play in sustainable beef cattle production.

In a concerted effort to embrace sustainable practices and minimize its ecological footprint, BRC Ranch undertook a comprehensive carbon assessment that scrutinized vital aspects of its operations. Collaborating closely with H-E-B and UC Davis, the assessment was a meticulous endeavor that yielded profound insights into the Ranch’s environmental impact.

The assessment tackled multifaceted dimensions of BRC Ranch’s operations, offering insights into its carbon footprint across various domains:

  • Animal Information: By analyzing age, weight, and calving rates, BRC Ranch demonstrates a holistic understanding of how our Brahman cattle impact the environment.
  • Grazing Details: Detailed assessment of grazing days, types, and hours per day analyzes our responsible land management practices.

The assessment also evaluated BRC Ranch’s fertilizer usage and application frequency, feed practices, manure management, fuel usage, energy usage, and transportation methods.

“As leaders in climate-smart agriculture, the completion of our first carbon assessment reinforces our commitment to the environment and sets a new precedent in the beef industry,” said Rachel Cutrer of BRC Ranch. “We look forward to our continued collaboration with Conner McCabe, H-E-B, and UC Davis as we work to measure and improve our carbon usage in the future.”

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