BRC Ranch Contributes to Record-Breaking Brahman Female Export to The Phillipines

August 24, 2023


Boling, Texas, August 24, 2023 – BRC Ranch proudly announces its participation in a historic event – the largest exportation of Brahman females to the Philippines. In a collaborative effort between BRC Ranch, CongMayor JB Bernos of Abra River Farms, and key representatives Ian Abalos of 5A Cattle Farm, this milestone signifies a new era in cattle genetics and agriculture cooperation between the United States and the Philippines.

In July 2023, Ian Abalos and CongMayor JB Bernos embarked on a journey to the USA from the Philippines, seeking the finest specimens of Brahman cattle for their prestigious American Brahman importation process at Abra River Farms. This mission marked the second phase of their visionary building program, aimed at enhancing the cattle breeding industry in the Philippines. Notably, BRC Ranch was among the privileged ranches selected for the initial importation along with Heritage Cattle and J.D. Hudgins, Inc from the USA for phase 1 of the project in 2022.

The collaborative efforts resulted in the selection of 48 exceptional Brahman Females from the USA, each representing the pinnacle of genetic excellence. CongMayor Bernos selected an outstanding set of females, primarily sired by Dutton and Captai, including a direct daughter of Boom Shaka Laka. These prized cattle began their journey from the USA to Manila in early August, embarking on a transcontinental voyage that would culminate with their new home at the esteemed Abra River Farm. Located 10-12 hours north of Manila, Abra River Farm provides an ideal environment for nurturing and further developing these exceptional Brahman females.

“We are thrilled to have played a significant role in this historic moment of agricultural collaboration between the United States and the Philippines,” said Rachel Cutrer, co-owner of BRC Ranch. “Our commitment to breeding and raising top-quality Brahman cattle aligns perfectly with Abra River Farms’ vision, and we are confident that these Brahman females will thrive and contribute to the enhancement of cattle genetics in the Philippines.”

“We are also especially grateful to Ian Abalos of 5A Cattle Breeding for his visionary guidance in the selection and logistics of this remarkable shipment.”

The collaboration symbolizes the dedication of both nations to advancing agricultural practices and sharing expertise to foster growth in the cattle industry.

The first set of females, imported in 2022, are thriving at their new homes and expecting their first calves. As the second historic shipment of Brahman females arrives in the Philippines, it marks the continuation of a journey that began with a shared passion for agriculture, innovation, and genetic excellence. BRC Ranch looks forward to witnessing the positive impact of these Brahman females on the Philippine cattle breeding landscape and further strengthening the bond between both nations.

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