BRC: Hustlers Not Haters

May 19, 2024

At BRC, we often get asked, “Why do you help others in the Brahman breed so much?”

From our free educational content to our annual Brahman Country Genetics sale in May, we believe in a spirit of community and collaboration over competition.

We understand it’s a radical concept in the Brahman breed — helping other breeders succeed.

Traditionally, Brahman breeders work off the scarcity mentality. They isolate their customers, they use manipulation tactics to make sale, start smear campaigns against their fellow breeders — all because they’re desperate. Desperate for making “the next big sale” or in the mindset that if they don’t make a sale to this immediate customer — they’re not sure when the next prospect may come along.

Witnessing this cutthroat behavior made us sick.

When we founded BRC, we set out to break this old-school mindset. We believe in a bountiful mentality. We believe so strongly in the Brahman breed and its qualities that we are convinced there’s enough business for everyone to thrive.

We believe everyone who raises good cattle and practices exemplary management with integrity deserves the spotlight — whether they are new or old, big or small, man or woman — EVERYONE.

When people hear that we dedicate two whole months of the year to hosting our Brahman Country Genetics Female Sale – which features 100% customer cattle – they usually ask: “Don’t you have heifers of your own you’re trying to sell?”

We do usually have heifers for sale in February, June, and October. But, they sell out fast. For example, we sold a set of heifers internationally last week that were literally still on the cow. They hadn’t even been weaned yet. That’s how strong our demand is and how eager people are to get the BRC bloodline.

So, when we are sold out, we help facilitate sales for our customers and friends.

A Partner Who Pays You Back

When you tie in with BRC, you get a partner. Not a partner who’s constantly trying to upsell you or squeeze more out of your wallet, but one who works hard to put money back into your pockets.

“Why do we do all this?”

Because we love the Brahman breed. We love the people of the Brahman breed. And, we love good cattle.

At BRC, we are committed to fostering a community where everyone can succeed, and we look forward to continuing this journey with you.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please feel free to contact our team. We are always at your service.

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