BRC Hosts The Brahman Foundation Leadership Camp

July 27, 2021

July 2021 – Boling, Texas

B.R. Cutrer, Inc. was proud to be one of the official ranch hosts for the 2021 Brahman Foundation Leadership Camp.

This camp is an educational outreach effort of The Brahman Foundation, which established in 2015 as a 501(c)3 non profit organization dedicated to the future of the Brahman breed.

TBF hosts several activities per yeardesigned to support and develop Brahman education, leadership, scholarships, showmanship, and breed research.

The TBF Camp is the highlight event of the year for the foundation. The camp includes a 4-day camp where campers attend free of charge, and get to learn more about the breed and the beef industry.

This year over 40 campers visited Wharton County, TX to learn more about Brahman cattle and the top ranches of the breed.

BRC hosted the campers on Wednesday, July 21st.

Brandon Cutrer welcomed the group by giving a history of “How We Built BRC.” He explained the ten year journey that led us on the path of building BRC. He shared this to help show young people that with a dream and hard work, anything is possible.

Rachel Cutrer presented a highly interactive “Brahman Beef” presentation, where campers were very engaged in viewing Brahman beef cuts and asking questions.

Keaton Dodd gave a great presentation about the history of Brahman pedigrees and cattle type, in which the campers got a great education about many of the foundation bloodlines of the breed.

Brandon Cutrer also shared “Breeding The Modern Brahman” which was highly enjoyed by the campers. Rachel wrapped up with “Marketing Myths That Trick New (and sometimes old) Breeders” which was also a highlight of the camp with lots of questions and interactions.

After the afternoon in the classroom, the group received a ranch tour from Harley Wade, which was the highlight of the evening. Mollie Cutrer toured campers through the pasture to showcase some of our donors. We hosted a snow cone treat in the afternoon, and then served Brahman Burgers to the campers that evening, prepared and hosted by the Goudeau family.

These young breeders were awesome to host and asked all the right questions to learn as much as they could to better the breed. The future of the Brahman breed is bright!

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