The BRC Commitment to Integrity in Sales

When you invest in BRC, you're not just buying a cow or bull; you're entering into a partnership where we work tirelessly to ensure you see a return on your investment. Unlike some operations where you might buy a premium-priced cattle and then be left on your own, struggling to recoup your investment, we stand by you every step of the way. We ensure that you're not just buying cattle, but also gaining a partner dedicated to your success.  From our annual Brahman Country Genetics Female Sale to our cooperator bull program and steer calf buy-back initiatives, every program we offer is designed to enhance your success and profitability. 

Money Bag

Steer Clear of Schemes

The cattle industry - like any other - has its share of schemes designed to dazzle newcomers with unrealistically high prices and promises. These schemes—we call it the  snake charmer’s act—can leave buyers not only financially harmed but also stuck with cattle that nobody else values.

One of the most deceptive tactics involves "running" prices —especially online auctions where bidder identity is hidden— artificially inflating bids to create an illusion of higher value. At BRC, you won't find such practices. At BRC, we stand against such practices. We believe in fair play, and our pricing reflects the genuine market value.

Our auctions reflect real, honest pricing, capturing both highs and lows of the market to give you a true sense of the industry's pulse.

Our private treaty price list, embryo pricing and semen pricing is transparent and consistent, the same for everyone—regardless of what kind of car you drive up in or what a quick Google search might reveal about you.

We stand firmly against the smoke and mirrors approach. When you invest in BRC, you're investing in a level of transparency that ensures fairness for all. You pay for quality and genetics that others will want, ensuring your cattle operation is not only respected but also profitable. And, we're with you every step of the way.

BRC Sales Data - An Overview

At BRC, we believe in transparency and providing clear insights into the value we offer. Here’s a breakdown of our sales data as of Spring 2024, showcasing the breadth and depth of our pricing for different cattle categories:

Females Sold: 247 head

  • Average Overall Price:


  • Replacement Heifers:

    Average price $6,687 (range: $3,500 to $7,500)

  • Show Heifers:

    Average price $17,000 (range: $5,000 to $100,000)

  • Females for Export:

    Average price $7,100

Bulls Sold: 153 head

  • Average Overall Price:


  • Low Birthweight Bulls:

    Average price $13,275 (range: $3,500 to $50,000)

  • Breeding Bulls:

    Average price $7,300

  • AI Sire Prospects:

    Average price $69,000

This honest and detailed pricing data reflects the variety and quality of cattle available at BRC. Whether you are looking for a solid replacement heifer, a competitive show heifer, a reliable breeding bull, or a top-tier AI sire prospect, BRC provides options that cater to your specific needs and investment goals. Our pricing is designed to be straightforward and reflective of the real value and pedigree of our cattle, ensuring that your investment with BRC is not only a purchase but a profitable and wise decision.

Even better - BRC Customers Shine in Sales!

What really counts for us? The bottom line for our BRC customers: profitability and demand. We track data on every single public auction of Brahman cattle and report that quarterly. For the spring 2024 sale season, 130 head of cattle sold that were sired by BRC bulls. Those cattle sold for an average price of $7,212 - the highest of any bloodline in the USA! Second place went to Heritage Cattle.

BRC and Heritage Cattle have been leading the pack interchangeably for two years running! Meanwhile, cattle sired by other Brahman ranches? Customer's cattle by their genetics are selling for an average of $4,000 to $5,000 per head.  

At BRC, our focus is squarely on our customers' success. And guess what? It's working. Our customers aren't just satisfied; they're repeat buyers. They keep coming back to BRC because they've discovered something special: our cattle make them the most money.

That's what drives us: seeing our customers thrive.

The BRC Difference

Choose BRC if you’re looking for more than just a transaction. Choose us if you want a trusted partner in the Brahman cattle industry. With BRC, you invest in quality, integrity, and a support system dedicated to turning your high-end purchase into a long-term success. We’re here to prove that in the world of premium cattle, BRC leads with authenticity and customer success as our benchmarks.

That’s the BRC difference: honest, upfront, and always in your corner.

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