BRC Bulls Top the ABBA 2020 Sire Summary

May 12, 2020

Brahman bulls from BRC topped the recent unveiling of the Spring 2020 Brahman Sire Summary as published by The Brahman Journal in the May 2020 issue.

For bulls to be considered a trait leader they must meet the minimum accuracy information as set by the American Brahman Breeders Association, and must be within the top 20 percent of the breed for that trait along with having at least one progeny reported during the last two years.

BRC is focused on performance, and it’s clear when you view this data. Here are a few highlights of BRC bulls in the 2020 Sire Summary:

  • #1 Bull for Weaning Weight owned by BRC
  • #1 Bull for Yearling Weight owned by BRC
  • #1 Bull for Docility (Good disposition) owned by BRC
  • #4 Bull for Carcass Traits owned by BRC
  • #6 Bull for Docility owned by Mollie Jo Cutrer
  • #9 Bull for Ribeye Area owned by BRC

BRC is a national leader in Brahman seedstock. Learn more about our cattle for sale, or to learn more about our history, visit Our Story page.

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