BRC Brahman Ranch FAQs

June 10, 2021

With the tremendous success of BRC Ranch in the last decade, many Brahman breeders and ranchers worldwide have questions about our ranch. Here are some of the common questions we get at BRC.

Who owns BRC Ranch?

BRC Ranch (B.R. Cutrer, Inc.) is owned jointly by the husband and wife team of Brandon Cutrer and Rachel Cutrer.

What does BRC stand for?

BRC stands for Brandon and Rachel Cutrer. When we started the ranch, many of our international friends encouraged us to choose this name because they said there is no stronger team in the Brahman breed than Brandon and Rachel, and our name should reflect that.

How big is BRC Ranch?

BRC Ranch currently operates in three ranching locations in Wharton County, Texas at a little over a section of land. Our main headquarters is located in Boling, Texas. Our bull development facility is also located in Boling, Texas. Our third ranch is located in Lane City, Texas.

Did you inherit your ranch?

No, we did not. When we married, we owned 0 acres. Over a 12 year period we have slowly and steadily purchased land and built our ranching acreage. We have financed all of our land purchases through Capital Farm Credit and appreciate the farm credit system’s opportunities to help young ranchers get started.

Did you buy or raise your initial cattle?

A little of both. When we married we owned 6 head between us. We used these in embryo transfer to build our initial numbers. Throughout our marriage we have done a few cattle deals to increase our cow herd base, and then retained replacement females to continue to grow. We have made significant purchases throughout the last decade from JDH Locke Division, D Bar Ranch, and Southern Cattle Company to put us where we are. In all of these cattle deals, we financed the purchases from one of our local banks that is very ag friendly. We have been very thankful for the role of ag lending agencies and bankers to help guide our program. Each year we try to add 1-2 outside females from our herd, in recent years we have selected these from Watkins Cattle Company (red Brahmans), Heritage Cattle, and J. Forgason Division of JD Hudgins.

Does BRC own Ranch House Designs?

Rachel Cutrer is the founder and CEO of Ranch House Designs. However they are two separate businesses with no affiliation other than we joyfully encourage and support business. When you become a customer of BRC, you are able to capture marketing discounts from RHD as a gesture of appreciation for buying cattle from BRC.

Does BRC own Brahman Country Beef?

Brandon and Rachel Cutrer own Brahman Country Beef. BRC Ranch is a proud supplier of cattle to Brahman Country Beef.

Is BRC a show-focused Brahman ranch?

No. At first glance you might think we are, because we consistently dominate the Brahman show ring, including being the breeder of the most International Grand Champion Females of the last decade. BRC sires also consistently rank at the top of the ABBA Register of Renown for producing outstanding show cattle. However, our main focus is on production, and hence the reason we are the #1 source of Brahman breeding bulls in the USA. We focus on traits like longevity, fertility, structural soundness, practicality, and focus a lot on Bonsma principles of function. The show ring is a fun marketing tool for us. We enjoy showing and also enjoy helping young Brahman breeders show.

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