BRC Brahman Bull Sale Averages $6060

April 24, 2024

Brahman and F-1 ranchers across the Gulf Coast gathered online on April 23, 2024, bidding in our spring Brahman bull sale to secure the coveted, performance-oriented BRC Brahman bulls. The sale averaged $6060 per head, which marked a notable 3% increase in average price per bull from our previous bull sale average.

Both of the high selling bulls were a result of the collaboration between BRC and Garrett Cattle Company of Danbury, Texas. The high selling bull, BRC Desperado 313, sold for $7800 to the big country of west Texas, where bulls are expected to thrive in large pastures and real world ranching conditions. BRC Jacko 315 sold for $6500 to a prominent ranching operation in Florida.

Both of these bulls are Dutton sons out of the maternally focused GCC cow families. Crafted by Brandon Cutrer, Keaton Dodd, and Garrett Harvey, this cross of BRC bulls mated to GCC’s maternally oriented cow lines exemplify a strategic blend producing visually appealing, high pedigree Brahman bulls. These bulls boast the impressive high visual type pedigrees from BRC and inherit their mother’s traits of maternal efficiency, fertility, and low-maintenance, proving ideal for the Gulf Coast’s challenging environments.

The sale attracted a diverse group of bidders and buyers from across Texas and the Gulf Coast up to Florida and Georgia, representing a “who’s who” of Gulf Coast F-1 producers and major southern U.S. commercial operations, including breeders of championship F-1 pens and top 10 commercial producers recognized by the NCBA.

The caliber of ranchers who are behind the BRC modern Brahman revolution tells us that we are not just on the right track, but leading the herd.

Rachel Cutrer of BRC highlighted the stark contrast between general perceptions of Brahman and the reality at BRC. Despite social media criticisms concerning Brahman cattle prices and market availability, BRC continues to see growth in sales and satisfaction. “BRC is thriving. We’re sold out of bulls and our average sale price is climbing. This success is entirely due to our team’s commitment to ‘the Modern Brahman’—a bull that not only looks good but is also fertile, gentle, and easy to manage, embodying all the desirable Brahman traits without any drawbacks,” explained Rachel. She also emphasized their focus on increased marbling, which has significantly appealed to ranchers.

As a testament to the maternal focus of BRC, every bull in the sale was produced from a naturally calving cow with a regular calving interval, including sons of three first calf heifers.

The next opportunity for ranchers to acquire these top-tier Brahman bulls will be at our upcoming sale in November 2024.

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