BRC Announces Top Selling Brahman Sires of 1st Quarter 2024

April 3, 2024
BRC Boombox 38

Brahman Country Genetics, a leading provider of Brahman genetics solutions, is pleased to announce the top 10 high-selling Brahman AI semen sires for the first quarter of 2024. These exceptional sires have demonstrated outstanding genetic merit, contributing to the advancement of the Brahman breed and meeting the needs of discerning breeders worldwide.

The ranking for Q1 2024 is as follows:

  1. BRC Boombox 38
  2. Mr. V8 160/8
  3. M2 BRC Captain 518/1
  4. Dutton
  5. 372 Boomtown
  6. Mr. V8 259/7
  7. BRC Republic of Texas 36
  8. Hey Dude
  9. BRC Jumanji 67
  10. BRC Swing Wide

“We are thrilled to see the continued success and demand for these top-performing Brahman AI semen sires,” said Keaton Dodd, director of genetics for BRC Ranch.

“Their exceptional genetic qualities, coupled with the dedication of Brahman breeders worldwide, are driving advancements in the industry and ensuring the production of superior Brahman offspring.”

The selection process for these top sires is rigorous, with emphasis placed on traits such as conformation, fertility, performance, and adaptability to various environments. The success of these sires underscores their ability to consistently transmit these desirable traits to their progeny.

Brahman breeders seeking to enhance their herds with superior genetics can rely on Brahman Country Genetics to provide access to these high-quality semen sires and expert guidance in their breeding programs.

For more information about the top-selling Brahman AI semen sires or to inquire about purchasing semen straws, please visit email or call 979-532-9141.

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