BRC Announces Top Selling Brahman AI Sires of 2020

BRC / Brahman Country Genetics is proud to announce the top selling Brahman AI semen sires of 2020.

Noble Brahman Bull
  1. “Noble” – BRC’s Mr. V8 458/7 – For the third year in a row, the king Noble tops the list of our most popular Brahman AI sire worldwide. Noble has established himself as the #1 sire of champions in the USA for 2019 and 2020, according to Brahman Journal data. He is the sire of the 2020 International Champion Bull and International Champion Female and the 2020 Reserve International Champion Female at Houston. Also at Houston, judge Pasquale Swaner placed Noble 2nd in the Get of Sire class. Noble is arguably the current most popular Brahman bull in the world, siring plus hundreds of champions worldwide. He is especially popular in Central America, Colombia, and Thailand. Noble is a bull that works with every cow he is mated to. He is easy to breed, and is an “improver,” meaning he provides improvement with every mating. We are proud to have bred Noble and proud of his success for all our BRC customers worldwide.
captain brahman bull

2. M2 BRC Captain 518/1 – Captain is a powerful new AI sire that was introduced in January 2020 and in just his first year of being offered as an AI sire has claimed the #2 spot on our most popular Brahman sires list. Sired by 191 and out of BRC’s longtime donor 645, Captain has taken the Brahman world by storm. He is loved for his moderate frame size, extreme muscling, perfect structure, and also a lot of breeders like his dark pigment. His first calves are being born now and are very impressive.

brc dutton champion brahman bull

3. BRC’s Dutton 376/8 – Remarkably, Dutton claims the #3 spot on our most popular AI sires of 2020 list and his semen was only offered from January to March! So in three months, he sold so much semen worldwide that he claims the #3 spot! We have been very blessed with the worldwide demand for Dutton. It is clear that there is a widespread movement of Brahman breeders who appreciate BRC’s focus on moderate framed, sound structured bulls with a uniform solid grey color and a clean sheath. Also, Dutton is well loved for his outstanding Brahman breed character. Many breeders also appreciate his natural body condition, of not being just an overly butterball fat show bull. Dutton comes from the BRC program which focuses first and foremost on fertility, and it’s clear that worldwide breeders are demanding this. Dutton is owned by BRC and Garrett Cattle Company in the USA, with Australian rights owned by Garglen Brahmans and Subsahara breeding rights owned by LAB Brahmans. Dutton has been sold out of semen since March 2020, and is expected to be offered back on the market in summer / fall 2021.

BRC Boomtown 372

4. Following his brother, BRC’s Mr. V8 372/8 “Boomtown” ranks #4. A full brother to Dutton, Boomtown is sired by Noble and out of the great Boom Shaka Laka. This is another great example of a moderate framed, outstanding young Brahman sire with lots of natural muscle and perfect structure. This is a great example of today’s modern Brahman bull, and his semen sales reflect the worldwide demand.

5. BRC’s Mr. V8 794/7 (P) – As we move into the 5th ranking sire, we come to a time-trusted, proven polled AI sire. 794 is another tremendously popular worldwide sire as many breeders like his frame size, power, performance, red tinge color, and fertility. 794 is a proven producer of championship cattle in the USA and is a solid go-to when you want the best in polled Brahman genetics.

6. BRC’s Mr. V8 279/7 (P) – This longstanding proven AI sire has been a mainstay in popularity worldwide. 279 is very popular in the USA and also in Thailand and Central America. Very similar in blood to Noble, he is a great option for producing moderate framed, fault free cattle and also incorporating the polled genetics.

7. Mr. V8 259/7 – Now deceased, 259 has remained on the Top 10 most popular AI sires list for 8 consistent years now. He is the former 2013 Reserve US National Champion and is still producing exceptional cattle around the globe. His popularity is very strong in the USA, South Africa, Paraguay and Argentina. Another example of a very moderate framed, clean sheathed Brahman bull with excellent breed character and also a very low birthweight.

Mr. V8 750/7 Brahman Bull

8. Mr. V8 750/7 – This 380 son earns his spot in the top ten list for consistency and dependability. This is an all around AI sire that checks all the boxes – low birthweight, high performance, and excellent carcass. He is a favorite choice amongst commercial producers and those looking to use a Brahman AI sire for crossbreeding.

brc boom box

9. BRC Boombox 38 – So those of you who really know our program are probably asking – how does a bull get on the top 10 list and to my knowledge isn’t even old enough to collect semen? Easy – pre-orders! BRC BoomBox 38 is one of the most exciting young Brahman bulls of recent history and people around the world are already getting on the waiting list to get semen on this top young bull! The former top seller of our “Best of the Fall Borns” sale in May 2020, Boombox has proven himself as a young show ring winner, and has gained worldwide notoriety as being the only bull in the world with 8 Houston Grand Championships in his three generation pedigree. This is a bull destined for success and he just keeps getting better every day.

Mr V8 160/8 BRC

10. Mr. V8 160/8 – Rounding out our list is our very nice young Noble son, Mr. V8 160/8. Similar to Dutton, he also joins this list with absolutely NO USA semen sales, and only being offered on the market for a few short months. This bull is also a young sire who is gaining a lot of international attention, and is the heaviest muscled, biggest boned bull currently of the BRC bull battery. A special 2020 semen offering in the USA sold for $19,000 in the fall 2020, being the only semen offered in the USA for 2020. A very promising young herd bull to watch.

BRC is a leading semen source for Brahman semen worldwide. Semen is eligible for export to all continents except Antarctica. If we can assist you with a semen order, please request a semen estimate. Semen on most bulls are available in the USA and worldwide.

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