Good Cattle Good Vibes Sale

BRC Announces Good Cattle Good Vibes Bred Female Sale

BRC announced the creation of a new sale, featuring breeding age females, to be held online August 10, 2021 at DVAuction.

The sale will feature 10 females of breeding age, with calves at side or bred to our top BRC sires.

In addition, similar to how we have done our weaned heifers, AFTER this sale, we will also offer bidders the opportunity to purchase private treaty bred females and cows for sale at the ranch.

“Nearly every single day, people ask us for an opportunity to buy a donor. Or buy a set of young cows. Or, buy a set of older cows in production for like a ‘starter herd,” said Rachel Cutrer of BRC.

“But, traditionally it’s just not something Brahman people do. There are very few operations, if any, where you could go pick from their mature cow herd,” she continued. “I’ve always felt like, if people have the desire and goal to build a Brahman herd, they should be able to do that as easily as possible. That’s one of the reasons we started this sale. Our goal is to do NEW things, be easy to work with, and share outstanding genetics from the heart of our herd.”

So set your calendar, get ready, and join our mailing list to stay up to date on this exciting sale! Cattle will be available for viewing mid July.

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