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BRC 1 Donated to Brahman Foundation Charity Auction

B.R. Cutrer, Inc. is proud to announce the donation of BRC Mamma Mia 1 – the first female to be branded with the new BRC brand – to The Brahman Foundation “Funding the Future” Charity Auction, held December 3-5 at Cattle In Motion.

“Starting a new brand is a big thing,” said Rachel Cutrer, an owner of BRC. “There’s a lot of excitement and pressure – especially for someone like me who branded my cattle with my old “R” brand for 40 years, then starting fresh with something new.”

The Cutrer’s wanted to do something special with the first animal from their new brand.

“Brandon and I kept thinking – what can we do with our ‘first one’ of our new brand to make it special,” Rachel explained. “Then it hit us – we wanted to donate her to The Brahman Foundation, and give 100% of her sale proceeds to the foundation.”

Gratitude and education are two pillars of the BRC brand. Brahman youth programs are dear to our hearts. Rachel and Brandon are both former members of the AJBA. Brandon was a former AJBA director. Our herdsman, Harley Wade, is a former AJBA director. Our daughter, Mollie Cutrer, is an AJBA member.

“I had always been a fan of The Brahman Foundation,” Rachel said. “I was on their founding board, and donated two heifers in the past to benefit the foundation. But until this year when my daughter started showing, I really had no idea of it’s impact. When she placed second in her showmanship class this year, she got a $125 check from TBF. You would have thought she won a million dollars. Once I saw that smile, I committed to myself that every year Brandon and I would donate a heifer to TBF.”

The Brahman Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to supporting Brahman youth. Consult with your tax advisor on tax benefits available from purchasing from this auction. The Brahman Foundation provides scholarships, educational leadership camps, premium support for shows, and more.


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