Brandon Cutrer Judges the 2024 National Gray Brahman Show in Villahermosa, Mexico

May 6, 2024

Brandon Cutrer, a respected official judge from the American Brahman Breeders Association, took on the role of judge at the 2024 National Gray Brahman Show held in Villahermosa, Mexico. Selected by a popular vote among Mexican breeders, Brandon’s appointment marks the third consecutive year that a representative from the BRC team has been chosen to judge this prestigious event, following two successful years with Rachel Cutrer in the role.

This consistent selection of judges from the BRC team underscores the collaborative spirit and mutual respect between American and Mexican Brahman communities. It reflects the appreciation for American Brahman genetics among Mexican breeders, who are keen to incorporate these traits to enhance the quality and performance of their herds.

The quality of cattle at the Villahermosa show was notably high, showcasing the effectiveness of integrating American Brahman genetics into Mexican herds. Brandon’s role as judge was instrumental in highlighting the standout attributes of the cattle presented, focusing on the excellent breeding and care taken by Mexican breeders.

As the Brahman community continues to build bridges across borders, the involvement of judges like Brandon Cutrer is pivotal in fostering a shared commitment to excellence in cattle breeding. This collaboration not only enriches the genetic diversity of the Brahman breed in Mexico but also strengthens the global Brahman breeding community.

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