Brahman Embryos for Sale

From time to time, we offer frozen Brahman embryos here at BRC, featuring matings on our excellent line up of championship American Brahman females of excellence and world-famous Brahman AI sires. Our embryos range from $500 to $1500 per embryo.

Embryos are available for export internationally only at this time.

Current Listings Include:

  • Embryos out of +Miss V8 100/7 x 380 and x Man of Steel
  • Embryos out of JDH 310/8 (Woodson) x 380
  • Embryos out of Miss V8 17/8 x Noble (Dam is full sister to Boom Shaka Laka)
  • Embryos out of Miss V8 274/7, former Reserve National Champion Female
  • Embryos out of Miss V8 508/7
  • Embryos out of Miss V8 562/7
  • Embryos out of Miss V8 709/7, former Reserve Grand Champion at Houston
  • Embryos out of Miss V8 835/7 “Lupita”

This availability changes very frequently from time to time. If you would like to get our current list of Brahman embryos for sale, please email

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  1. Hello, 
    Thanks for providing the infrastructure online for us to see these listings. They look great. We are interested in exporting to new york. Additionally, we are only interested in blastocyst embryos, so any breed anywhere between stage 5-7, but preferably later (7). We are willing to purchase unlisted and/or older embryos who may not be reliable in a transfer. Please let me know if this interests you, and if you would be willing to look into it. If that is the case, your correspondence is anticipated. 

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