Brahman Days Workshop 2020

September 9, 2020

October 29-30, 2020
Virtual Workshop in 2020!

BRC invites you to their annual Brahman Days Workshop, the largest Brahman educational event in the USA! This workshop will be held virtually this year, due to Covid-19, but is definitely set to be one of the best we’ve ever had!

Each year, we work very hard to secure nationally acclaimed beef industry educators and speakers to “create that spark” in Brahman breeders minds and ignite their passion. This workshop is for anyone who is craving more Brahman information, wants to be a better Brahman breeder, and wants to be in touch with the overall beef industry.


As always, we offer 2 complimentary registrations to any BRC / Brahman Country Genetics customer from September 2018 to present. This is our way of saying “THANK YOU” for being a customer. We realize that our customers share a strong vision for improvement, and this is our way of giving back. If you are a BRC customer, simply RSVP here. We will email you your conference login as it gets closer.

Workshop registration is also open to the public!

How A Virtual Workshop Works

Virtual workshops have been really popular in 2020 as they allow for you to attend lots of events without having the travel expense, or even having to leave your home/office.

  • All sessions will initially be broadcast live via Zoom (a free software), at the designated times on the mornings of October 29 and 30.
  • These sessions will be recorded.
  • About a week after the workshop, the recorded presentations will also be posted on a special site, where you can login with your own user name and password and re-watch the videos if you want to watch them again, or if you missed them the first time.
  • You will be able to watch the sessions for up to 1 year after this workshop.

2020 Speaker Lineup

History of Brahman Pedigrees – Keaton Dodd

What if you got a master’s degree and your research was on Brahman pedigrees! That’s what Keaton Dodd did, and he’s made some really cool observations of the effect of certain bloodlines tied together all through the years. Keaton will present a background on the most influential Brahman pedigrees, and their effect on conformation and cattle type. 

History of Cattle Types and Trends – Dr. Bob Hough

Beef cattle type changes through the years, and in this session, expert cattle historian Dr. Bob Hough will showcase some of the “highs” and “lows” of beef industry types and trends over the last few centuries. He’ll also discuss how cattle type has an impact on the beef industry. 

The Brahman Breed’s Role in the Beef Industry – Corbitt Wall

Arguably the USA’s expert on feeder cattle markets, Corbitt Wall presents a ‘no-nonsense’ look at the US feeder cattle industry, packing industry, and where Brahman cattle fit into the challenges and opportunities of the current beef industry. 

Developing Brahman Bulls and Heifers for Maximum Efficiency -Dr. Jon DeClerk

Nutritional management is one of the most important factors in raising quality cattle and managing expenses. Our feeding partner, Purina, will explain how to maximize your herd’s genetic potential through nutrition and management. 

Brahman Genomic Technologies – Dr. Kent Anderson

BRC’s proudly partners with Zoetis to integrate genomics into our herd evaluations. Dr. Kent Anderson will update breeders on current and future availability of genomic technology.

Meat Industry Perception of Brahman Cattle – Kathryn Miller

What do packers and meat marketers really think about Brahman cattle? Kate Miller, international meat marketing specialist and Arkansas rancher tells it like it is, and, how do we need to improve and overcome stereotypes. 

The Future of the Brahman Breed – Brandon & Rachel Cutrer

Your conference hosts wrap up with visionary presentation about Brahman’s role in the beef industry in the USA and beyond that will leave you feeling motivated and excited about being a Brahman breeder.

Remember – BRC customers receive a complimentary workshop admission, we simply need your RSVP so we can get your login setup so you can watch the workshop. RSVP here.

Registration is open to the public! Click here to register for this game-changing workshop!

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