Klaire Fontenot

Brahman Days Scholarship Winners Named

B.R. Cutrer, Inc. awarded four scholarships to young Brahman exhibitors at the 2021 Brahman Days Workshop.  

These students were selected from a large pool of applicants, based on their answers to essay questions about the Brahman breed’s future, and their future breeding goals. 

“Rachel and I both owe a lot of our success to our involvement in the junior Brahman programs,” said Brandon Cutrer, co-owner and general manager of BRC.

“We created this scholarship to give aspiring young breeders a chance to learn cutting-edge information and take it home to their own breeding programs.”

In their essays, the scholarship applicants answered “If you could get 5 units of semen on any Brahman bull(s) past or present, who would you choose and why?” 

As a bonus to their scholarship, if any of the applicants listed bulls that BRC offers semen on, we gifted 2 units of semen to the young breeder. 

This year’s winners were Laura Cooper, Klaire Fontenot, Adam Gonzales, and Amalee Frey. Mollie Cutrer presented the scholarships on behalf of BRC.

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