Brahman Country Genomic EPDs: How to Participate

Genomic-enhanced Estimated Progeny Differences are the biggest thing to happen in Brahman genetics since sliced bread. We feel that DNA verification on all cattle, along with genomically-enhanced EPDs are essential for Brahman seedstock breeders. 

Giving producers next-level confidence in sire data is something every seedstock producer is going to be interested in, so how should you make sure you’re in the front of the line?

Preferential participation in the Brahman Country HD50K Evaluation is given to clients of BRC or Brahman Country Genetics, due to the genetic linkages needed to produce the most accurate results. Any Brahman breeder using BRC bulls in their AI program can participate, or those who have actual BRC (or formerly R/M/AC branded cattle) in their herds are eligible to participate. 

  1. Email to order your blood cards or tissue sample kits from Brahman Country Genetics. Or call 979-531-9141.
  2. Return the blood cards to us.
  3. Fill in a spreadsheet with as much data as possible. 

If you already have SNP samples on file at Zoetis, we can utilize those, and you can skip steps 1 and 2.

     When sending samples to Zoetis, the more information the more accurate the EPDs will be. Pedigree information is required, and numbers like birth, weaning and yearling weights will only help your samples. We ask that to participate you can provide at least 3 or more data points, such as birth weight, weaning weight, calf vigor score, udder score, etc. Get this information organized on the individuals you’re interested in obtaining genomic-EPDs on and ensure there is a familial linkage to BRC cattle. 

Participation in the program is $37 per head, which also includes parentage verification and a SNP sample. 

Pulling blood is a common practice, and if you’re unable to do so, a veterinarian can complete the tests.  The Brahman Country team is also available to come to your ranch to help you with sample collection. 

If you have any questions, contact Keaton Dodd at 979-532-9141 or email

We can’t wait for you to enjoy the timely and accurate rewards of genomic-enhanced EPDs.

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