Brahman Country Genetics Unveils the Top 10 Brahman AI Sires for the 2nd Quarter 2023

July 2, 2023

BRC Tugboat Captain 125 is the #1 selling sire for the quarter

Brahman Country Genetics is pleased to announce the top 10 highest selling Brahman AI sires for the 2nd Quarter of 2023. This quarter, Brahman Country Genetics sold to breeders in Australia, Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Thailand, United States, and Venezuela. These elite sires will contribute  significantly to the improvement of the Brahman breed and ensuring continued success for Brahman breeders worldwide.

The following top 10 Brahman AI sires have been recognized as the top sellers for Q2:

1. BRC Tugboat Captain 125, a polled Captain son out of 100/7, the dam of Noble.
2. M2 BRC Captain 518/1
3. 279
4. BRC Dutton 376/8
5. BRC Boomtown 372/8
6. BRC Jumanji 67
7. BRC M2 Swing Wide
8. SBR Imperator Buckmarso 37/7 “Jimmy”
9. BRC Aggie 108
10. BRC Whoa Macklin 112

Each of these sires possesses remarkable genetic traits that encompass superior characteristics such as conformation, fertility, temperament, and overall performance, making them highly sought-after choices among Brahman breeders.

“Brahman Country Genetics takes great pride in the exceptional performance of these top 10 sires,” said Rachel Cutrer, president of Brahman Country Genetics. “Their outstanding genetics have the potential to drive significant improvements in the Brahman breed, empowering breeders to produce cattle of the highest quality and standard.”

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