BR Cutrer Inc. Announces Public Genomic EPD Program

February 6, 2022

After years of development with Zoetis, BR Cutrer Inc. is proud to announce a program offering genomic-enhanced Estimated Progeny Differences data (EPDs) to the Brahman industry through the Brahman Country Genetic Evaluation. 

This program, which is the first of its kind in the Brahman breed, is tailored to Bos Indicus genes, providing vital information on virgin bulls and females, as well as more accurate information on older animals. 

With widespread use, BR Cutrer Inc. believes the program will revolutionize the Brahman industry. 

BRC customers will receive first dibs on genomic EPDs due to needed genetic linkage within Zoetis’s Brahman data.

Customers can expect to send an animals’ parentage and data (birthweight, weaning weight, and yearling weight) along with a blood card to obtain their animals genomic EPD. The more data customers have, the better.

BRC Dutton

The cost per head is $37 – a price well worth the peace of mind that comes with knowing a young bulls’ projected birthweights.

The deadline for submitting data for the first public Brahman Country Genetic Evaluation will be April 1, 2022. 

Genomic-enhanced EPDs have transformed the EPD industry with more accurate data on animals with no progeny on the ground. According to BR Cutrer Performance and Genetic specialist Keaton Dodd, the technology is an obvious choice for seedstock producers who use Brahman genetics. 

“The whole thing with genomic EPDs is that it allows you to do everything faster,” Dodd said. 

BR Cutrer co-founder Rachel Cutrer said the entire program was formed around improving the breed and serving BRC customers with the most accurate data available.

“We wanted to get the data on our cattle on par with data from other seedstock cattle breeds our customers are using in crossbreeding programs,” Cutrer said.

“Yes it’s an extra investment but the way I see it, our customer is worth every penny of that. That’s why we invested so much in developing this program with Zoetis and that’s why we’re passing it on to others.”

The more Brahman data submitted to Zoetis, the more accurate EPDs will become. Brahman breeders will be equipped with genetic data that has been available to other breeds for years. 

“Cattle breeders have increased every trait tenfold over the past 30 years that they’ve been using EPDs on – they work,” Dodd said. 

There is an opportunity for non-BRC customers to submit their entire Brahman herd data to Zoetis for a genetic benchmark, which will open the door for genomic EPDs outside BRC genetics.

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