Best Cattle Names of 2020

November 12, 2020

Here’s something fun! A FUN vote! With our new BRC operation we added individual names to our cattle. And we make it fun! Check out the poll here and go rate all of our favorite names from 2020! We like a bit of rock music, Texas history, and even some old John Wayne westerns.


Here are some of our favorite cattle names and the stories behind them:

Heifer Names

BRC Mamma Mia – Named because our girls love the movie and love ABBA

BRC Blue Jean Baby – Named after the lyrics to the Elton John song Tiny Dancer

BRC JuJu On That Beat – Named after the song and one of our best friends Judith Garcia who we call JuJu

BRC Seven Wonders – Named after the Fleetwood Mac son

BRC Auntie Em – One of Annie’s heifers and Annie loves Wizard of Oz

BRC Million Dreams – Named after the song from The Greatest Showman. Our girls love it.

BRC Dorothy Gayle – Another Wizard of Oz theme.

BRC American Girl – No not the dolls, the Tom Petty song.

BRC Dancing Queen – Another ABBA (the band) tribute. You are the dancing queen….only 17.

BRC Slow Burning Memory – IDK, Brandon named this one. I think it’s a country song.

BRC Angel’s Envy – Named after one of Brandon’s favorite whiskeys.

BRC Saving Grace – Mollie named this one, it’s one of her favorite books.

BRC Boom Boom Baby – A Boom Shaka Laka offspring.

BRC Angel Eyes – From the song

BRC Fancy Free – From the song

BRC Barbie Girl – From the song lol. Girls named this one!

BRC Miss Ariel – One of Annie’s choices, from The Little Mermaid

BRC Miss November Rain – After the Guns & Roses song, she was born in November.

BRC Miss Sweet Caroline – The Neil Diamond Song

BRC Dream of Me 

BRC Sweet Adalida – After the song

BRC Come on Eileen – Another named after the song. And this is one we really like!

BRC Miss Shaky Baby – Named after Annie’s favorite little toy, a little baby doll she has that shakes.

BRC Nashville Darlin – Named after our good friends in Tennessee

Bull Names

BRC Pegasus – IDK, a Brandon choice

BRC Castaway – After the movie

BRC Mr. Special Ops – Another Brandon choice

BRC Tamborine Man – From the song

BRC Free Fallin’ – Rachel’s all time favorite song

BRC Indepdence – Texas history

BRC Come and Take It – Texas history

BRC Blood Moon – Annie’s choice. She loves looking at the phases of the moon.

BRC Knock Em Out John – Brandon

BRC Republic of Texas 36 – Texas history – get it, the bull’s # is 36

BRC Boom Box – Boom Shaka Laka

BRC Sonic Boom – Boom Shaka Laka

BRC Seguin – Texas history

BRC Crockett – Texas history

BRC Rio Grande – Texas history

BRC Mr. Colt 45 – His private herd number is 45

BRC Colonel Fannin – Texas history

BRC Ba Boom – Boom Shaka Laka

BRC Rocket Buster – After the boots

BRC Mr. V 61 – After my grandpa’s best bucking bull. (His private herd # is 61)

BRC Mr. Boomerang – Boom Shaka Laka

BRC Mr. Cadillac Jack – Brandon’s choice

BRC Gig Em – For TAMU

BRC Copperhead -Annie’s choice, her favorite bull, he has a little red tinge on his head.

BRC Jumanji – Annie’s choice, after her favorite movie.

BRC Sledgehammer – Brandon’s choice

BRC Marshall Dillon – Western movies

BRC Desperado – Western movies

BRC Muy Grande – Texas history

BRC Shaka Zam – Boom Shaka Laka

BRC Walker Texas Ranger – Western movies

BRC Colonel Fannin – Texas history

BRC Marshall Tucker – music

BRC Jalapeno Business – Brandon’s choice. Get it ‘All up in your business”

BRC Shadow Rider – Western movies

BRC Rifleman – Western movies

BRC Choot ‘Em – Brandon’s choice. After that show where they do the alligators in Louisiana.

BRC Hatari – Western movies

BRC Rip Ride – Brandon’s choice

BRC Whoa Macklin’ – From McClintock, the movie. You gotta know the scene. “Who Macklin — Where the whiskey?”

BRC Mr. Fontenoble – A Noble son out of a Fontenot cow

So what do you think? Which are your favorites?

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