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Best Brahman Bulls for the Show Ring

Brahman show cattle are very popular in the southeast for showing in junior livestock shows and open shows. Participating in livestock shows provides many opportunities to enjoy time with your family and advance your marketing. 

If you want to raise Brahman show cattle, choosing the right sire is crucial in your quest for success. Here are some of the top Brahman bulls that are known for producing champion Brahman show cattle. 

1. Mr. V8 458/7 “Noble” – This is the headlining sire of BRC at the moment and Noble was the #1 sire of the 2020 International Brahman Show. He is the sire of the breed’s only 3-time Houston Grand Champion Bull, Mr. V8 146. He is also the sire of the 2020 Houston Grand Champion Female, Miss V8 824/8 who was bred by BRC and sold in an online sale to GKB Cattle. Noble is the 2019 National Champion Grey Get-of-Sire, the highest honor a bull can win for his progeny in the show ring. He was also the 2019 International Champion Get-of-Sire at Houston and placed 2nd in the Get-of-Sire at Houston in 2020 under judge Pasquale Swaner. At Houston this year, he sired more champions than any other Brahman bull in the history of the International Show – including siring all 4 division champions in the female show, the grand champion female (also bred by BRC) and the reserve champion female, bred by Wesley Janik. Noble is the highest advancing bull in the ABBA register of renown of modern times. He entered the register of renown in 2018, and by 2020 had moved up to the #8 spot of all time, with only 2 years of show data being accumulated. See Noble’s winners here. 

2. +Mr. V8 279 – This is another very consistent sire of champions from the BRC Program – in both the red and grey divisions. 279 entered the ABBA Register of Renown in 2020, which is the highest award the ABBA can bestow for bulls who’s progeny have met the criteria for winning shows. 279 is also a polled bull, which is another reason for his intense popularity. See some of 279’s winners here.

3. Mr. V8 794/7 – A young sire, also polled, 794 has already started siring winners and high sellers in just his first few calf crops and we believe he will continue to do so in the future. You can learn about him here.

4. Mr. V9 968/7 – Another young BRC sire, 968 was a champion himself and has already started siring champions. He was the 2019 Senior Champion Bull at the International Brahman Show. His first calf crop produced a division winner at San Antonio. You can learn about him here. 

All four of these bulls are proven sires of championship progeny. We also invite you to check out other Sires of Champions and our “Young Guns” which are upcoming herd bulls at BRC.

If you love Brahman bulls, you might like a copy of our 2020 Sires of BRC Bull Poster. We’ll be glad to send it to you for free by filling out this form.

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