B.R. Cutrer Ranked as USA’s 4th Largest Brahman Breeder

May 12, 2020

The Brahman Journal announced the “Brahman Operations with the Most Registrations” over a 10 year period, and B.R. Cutrer was ranked 4th on the largest Brahman operations in the United States for 2019.

The overall ranking was:

  1. J.D. Hudgins, Inc.
  2. V8 Ranch
  3. Moreno Ranches, Inc.
  4. B.R. Cutrer, Inc.
  5. Leo Casas III
  6. Miskimon Ranch
  7. Byron Vassberg
  8. Circle F Farms LLC
  9. Inguran LLP
  10. Silent G Ranch

BRC is also on a very impressive growth trend as The Brahman Journal reported the data from a 10-year and 5-year period.

In a ranking of the Top 40 largest Brahman operations from 2010 to 2019, BRC Ranked 10th overall.

In a 5-year period, BRC moved up to 7th overall.

And for 2019, BRC ranked 4th.

B.R. Cutrer, Inc. is led by co-general managers Brandon Cutrer and Rachel Cutrer. Harley Wade serves as show cattle manager and Francsico J. Garcia serves as bull development manager.

B.R. Cutrer is committed to supplying the beef industry with high quality Brahman bulls and replacement females with excellent bloodlines backed by the strongest modern cow power base of the breed. We match that by offering more data and performance programs than any other Brahman breeder in the USA.

If we can serve you, please contact any member of the B.R.C. team.

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