Are you satisfied with the sales and prices of your ranch’s Brahman cattle? 

July 9, 2023

Our “Best of the Fall Borns” Online sale begins in just a week: Tuesday, July 18th. With numerous Brahman breeders to choose from, BRC stands at the forefront by combining top-quality Brahman cattle with a community spirit and exceptional customer service.

We believe that actions speak louder than words, and here are some compelling facts why aligning with BRC and investing in our Brahman ranch is a smart decision:

Our mission at BRC is to ensure our customers shine with the excellence of BRC bloodlines.

In the spring 2023 sale season, BRC customers achieved remarkable success, selling 42 Brahman heifers in both public auctions and online sales. These heifers proudly carried our customers’ brand, a testament to their dedication, investments, and carefully crafted breeding programs.

These females backed by BRC bloodlines commanded an impressive average price of $6,255 on 42 head of customer cattle. In fact, only one other ranch, the Heritage bloodline, surpassed this average, achieving $7,200 on two head of customer cattle. These figures demonstrate the exceptional return on investment potential that our customers consistently enjoy.

Are you currently meeting this benchmark with the progeny sales from your purchased cattle?

We understand the significance of maximizing the return on your breeding program, and that’s why we’re here to offer you the unparalleled quality and genetics of BRC bloodlines in our upcoming online sale.

When you choose BRC, you’re not only gaining access to the finest Brahman cattle but also aligning yourself with a legacy of excellence.

Our carefully curated bloodlines, rigorous breeding standards, and community spirit ensure that your investment will thrive and produce results that exceed expectations.

Join the ranks of our satisfied customers who have experienced the substantial returns and glowing reputation that come with showcasing BRC bloodlines.

Take the next step toward securing your own success by investing in a herd bull or one of our fall born females in the upcoming sales week. Let BRC be your trusted partner in breeding excellence.

We understand that not every customer has the resources or infrastructure to host their own sales or market their cattle effectively.

However, we believe that every breeder who raises exceptional cattle deserves a chance to shine.

That’s why we created the Brahman Country Genetics Female Sale—an exclusive opportunity for our customers to showcase their females carrying BRC bloodlines and achieve remarkable success.

When you purchase cattle from BRC, you gain access to participate in our highly anticipated Brahman Country Genetics Female Sale, held annually in May. This unique event is designed to provide you with a hassle-free and lucrative platform to market your cattle. We handle every aspect of the sale process, allowing you to focus on what you do best—raising outstanding cattle.

Participating in the Brahman Country Genetics Female Sale is simple. Just drop off your qualifying cattle at our ranch in April, and we take care of the rest. Our expert team manages all aspects, from cattle management and marketing to photography and catalog production.

We leverage our extensive network and industry expertise to ensure your cattle receive maximum exposure and attract top-tier buyers.

The results speak for themselves. In the previous year’s sale, our customers experienced phenomenal success. Our high sellers achieved an impressive $10,000 per head, while the average sale price for over 40 head of customer cattle exceeded $5,500. These outstanding figures highlight the substantial financial returns and recognition our customers enjoy through this exclusive sales opportunity.

All progeny from BRC bulls and females, including the ones selling this July, are eligible to be part of this innovative and progressive Brahman auction. 

When it comes to marketing purebred Brahman bulls, we understand the challenges breeders face.

However, at BRC, we have developed an enviable position in the bull market, thanks to our extensive network of real-world commercial cattlemen who consistently turn to BRC for their bull sourcing needs.

BRC’s strong reputation and credibility within the industry have created a robust demand for our Brahman bulls. We take pride in our ability to connect breeders with the right buyers, ensuring their bulls reach their full market potential.

Any bull calves out of your BRC females are eligible to participate in our cooperator bull program or even buy back into our Brahman Country Beef program. 

Through these initiatives, breeders have the opportunity to leverage our marketing expertise and extensive network to promote and sell their Brahman bulls effectively.

By joining our Cooperator Program, bull calves from BRC bloodlines can benefit from our established marketing channels. This program opens doors to increased exposure and a larger customer base, enabling you to realize higher returns for your breeding efforts.

The results we’ve achieved for our Cooperator Program bulls speak volumes. Currently, these bulls are averaging an impressive $5,130 per head, highlighting the tremendous value and returns that can be realized through our marketing initiatives.

Partnering with BRC gives you access to a robust network of cattle buyers who appreciate the quality and performance of our Brahman genetics.

With our support, you can overcome the challenges of marketing and confidently bring your Brahman bulls to the forefront of the industry.

When it comes to achieving championship results at the most prestigious shows worldwide, BRC Ranch consistently stands at the pinnacle of success. When it comes to consistently prevailing at the highest level shows, our track record in the show ring of the last decade is unparalleled.

Our commitment to breeding excellence has led to an impressive roster of champions that continues to grow. BRC Ranch proudly boasts the highest number of National and International Champion females in the last decade, including the 2023 International Grand Champion Female and 2023 International Grand Champion Get of Sire. We’re home to the 2022 National Champion Bull, and countless Register of Renown award winners. 

At the recent All American show, the second largest USA Brahman show behind Houston, BRC bloodlines left an indelible mark by securing both the Grand Champion Female and the Grand Champion Bull. The BRC bloodline also claimed victories in an astounding 16 out of the 39 classes.

Furthermore, our championship cattle not only bring glory to our ranch but also produce victories for our esteemed global customers.

Over the last decade, BRC has produced an impressive tally of 47 national or international champions for our customers around the world. This remarkable feat is a testament to the exceptional genetics and winning potential that come with BRC cattle.

When you choose BRC, you’re not just acquiring cattle; you’re joining a legacy of championship-caliber success. 

Experience the winning edge with BRC Ranch and elevate your own breeding program to new heights of achievement. Let our proven bloodlines and expertise guide you towards a future filled with championship success.

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