April Webinar: Defects in Brahman Cattle

April 4, 2022

Recently we heard a cattle expert say “Brahman people really know pedigrees. But Brahman people really DON’T know CATTLE.” 

How sad but true.

Anyone can study a pedigree, or anyone can compare EPDs. But, very few people have the knowledge and skill to understand visual evaluation. And, that’s where a lot of people get screwed. Or, completely wreck a breeding program. New people, especially, are inexperienced and may not have the background to identify genetic and conformational defects like how to spot a bad udder, indicators of bad udders from an early age, sheath and underline problems, testicle problems, hernias, crooked noses, bad feet, color problems, and more. So, you buy an animal thinking it’s a great one based off pedigree or numbers – only to realize you may have just totally jacked up your herd by incorporating bad genetics or visual defects. 

We say it many times – the average life span of people in the Brahman business is very low – and we’d like to change that. In this seminar, we will address some of the major problems of the breed (genetic defects / conformational defects, and management defects) and how to spot them visually, and how to avoid them.

Register for the April 12 Lunch Webinar (Free): https://www.eventbrite.com/e/defects-in-brahman-cattle-lunch-webinar-tickets-310668767647

Register for the April 12 Evening Webinar (Free): https://www.eventbrite.com/e/defects-in-brahman-cattle-evening-webinar-tickets-310676581017

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