American Independence and Brahman Cattle

July 3, 2020

In the spirit of July 4th, Independence Day in the United States, I’d like to borrow a story that appeared in the July 1946 issue of the Brahman Breeder-Feeder magazine.

I was inspired by the words written 74 years ago, and I believe them even today.

This ad was a simple black and white ad placed by the Stuart Brothers Ranch in Bartow, Florida, a great Brahman ranch with a history of success. The words written by the Stuarts still ring true today……

“American Independence”


These familiar colors
which mean so much to
our nation as they
together have become a
symbol of independence
are also closely
associated with the
financial independence
of the majority of the
cattlemen of Florida.

Registered Brahmans –
some red, some white,
some blue. All possessing
the prize-winning
characteristics of
superior beef cattle –
have made commercial
cattleman and purebred
breeders independent.

There is no investment
a cattelman can make
that guarantees more
pleasure and profit
than the purchase of
Registered Brahmans.

We do not have any
for sale at this time,
but when we do,
it will be good. In the
meantime, write the
Florida Brahman
Breeders Association
for information
concerning the many
good breeders in
Florida who may have
what you need.

Bartow, Florida

Such a neat story, that I really loved reading. I love where it says, “We don’t have any for sale at this time, but when we do, they’ll be good.” Then I love how it says to call the other Florida breeders. How nice!

Hope you enjoyed this oldie but goodie as much as I did!

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