How We Became One of the Top Brahman Breeders in the World

We couldn't be in the position we are now without the generations of support behind us. Though a new brand and business, the BRC program combines a centuries-old Texas Brahman breeder heritage and hands-on family atmosphere. Cattle from the BRC program started from an original bloodline, and now roam over six continents.

Rachel's hero and namesake, Rachel Ann Northington McKenzie Hudgins, was the matriarch of the J.D. Hudgins Ranch. As a widow during the early days of Texas independence, she and her four sons started the cattle ranching operation that would become the famed J.D. Hudgins, Inc., the largest Brahman ranch in the USA and owners of Manso, the most significant Brahman bull in history.

A History of Brahman Pioneers

Back in 1924, Rachel Cutrer's ancestors brought a new breed of Indian cattle to Texas from Brazil. These Brahman pioneers cross-bred the Indian cattle – a tropical breed that did well in warm climates – with local cattle. The result? The foundation stock for what we now know as the highest quality Brahman cattle in the world.

Rachel was born and raised on V8 Ranch, a Brahman cattle operation owned by her grandparents Sloan and Mollie Williams. Her grandparents graciously allowed her to be part of that operation from 1979 to 2019, thus the reason many of our cattle carry that brand. For 40 years, Rachel's cattle were identified with the "R" shoulder brand before moving to the BRC brand in 2019.

The Next Generation

When Rachel and Brandon married in 2009, they invested a decade of brains, muscle, and sweat into taking her grandparents' operation to heights it had never before seen. The Cutrer's thrived in this environment, working together to create new and innovative Brahman programs, and tripling the average price of cattle sales in a 5 year period.

As generational change occurs in all businesses, the Cutrer's formed BR Cutrer, Inc. in September 2019 and look forward to the next chapter.

The experiences and opportunities given to us by over a century of ancestor's who have gone before us have given us the strength, knowledge, and new ideas to benefit the Brahman breed. The Cutrer's are committed to steering these progressive methods into the 21st century. They use the latest science to constantly improve their bloodlines – and they freely share their expertise and experience so customers can do the same.

Your Team of Brahman Professionals Ready to Help You Reach New Heights

Great things are rarely done by just one person. They’re done by a team of people. The BRC team is ready to serve as your Brahman team by teaching, guiding, and advising you in a path of success in the Brahman business. We do it with honesty, transparency, and our real world education. And, Brahman cattle isn’t just a 9 to 5 job for us. It’s our life. When you’ve got a cow calving at midnight and you need a trusted friend to call, we will answer the call.

We have assembled a talented team of the top young professionals in the Brahman breed and beef industry.

Harley Wade

Harley Wade serves as our show cattle manager. Harley is a Florida native, and like Brandon, built his Brahman experience through hard work. He wasn’t born into Brahman family like Rachel. In fact, he didn’t start showing cattle until he was in high school. His mother, Julie Wade, supported him in his journey and Harley was eager to soak up any bit of knowledge he could about showing cattle. Harley manages our show cattle operation and is committed to excellent feeding, management, and showmanship. Harley assists our junior and show clients with advice and mentorship.

Fransisco Javier Garcia

Fransisco Javier Garcia is a graduate of the University of Chapingo in Mexico and is an expert at beef cattle nutrition and reproduction. He is exceptionally talented at animal husbandry and stockmanship. Fransisco manages our bull development center, including managing feed rations, measuring performance programs, and overseeing our herd reproduction and animal health protocols. He is also a spanish speaker and assists our international clients with selection of Brahman bulls and females to go back to their countries and add BRC genetics to ranches in Mexico, Central America and South America.

Our Purpose

  • Glorify God

    To glorify God in all that we do, while placing our second priority on our marriage and children.

  • Outstanding Brahman Replacement Females

    To raise outstanding replacement Brahman females…for our customers.

  • Make More Money for Our Customers

    To sell Brahman bulls that raise heavier calves (and make more money)… for our commercial customers.

  • Improve the Global Beef Industry

    To continually raise AI sires that will make a difference in the Brahman breed and improve the global beef industry.

  • Feed the World

    To feed a growing population with wholesome, healthy beef….for the world.

Our History


Brazilian Importation

J.D. Hudgins, Rachel’s ancestors, made a significant importation of Brahman cattle from Brazil that went on to shape the modern Brahman as it is today. Pictured here is Jim Forgason, Rachel’s 3x Great GrandFather.


Rachel and Suva

Throughout her life, Rachel has been blessed to “know” so many great bulls of the breed. And by “knowing,” we mean actually knowing. Knowing their favorite scratching spots, knowing them by name, feeding them by hand. We live and breathe Brahman cattle, from a hands on perspective. She is pictured here with the #1 Bull of the ABBA Register of ... Read More


Love for Brahman Is In Our Blood

As a young girl, Rachel grew up on the Brahman show road. Her father taught her that there’s nothing a girl can’t do and gave her opportunities to grow and expand. Here she is showing the calf of the National Champion Female in 1982. Throughout her time with her former ranch position, even until her last year there, Rachel always ... Read More


Rachel Wins The All American as an 8 Year Old

In her first All American, Rachel and “Mary Poppins” were named Grand Champion Female of the AJBA All American. This story and heifer are the inspiration or Rachel’s “Sarah the Showman” children’s books.


National Champion At 11 Years Old

Rachel exhibited the 1990 National Champion Female with her bred-and-owned cow, “Amber.” During this time, it was unheard of for a youngster to show in the open shows with “the men.” Rachel had a special touch with Amber. They were a team and she boldly competed in the open shows – as a young girl. Even today, many of the ... Read More


State Cattlemen’s Programs Shape a Young Leader

Brandon, pictured far left, served as the president of the Mississippi Junior Cattlemen’s Association, allowing him to attend national beef industry events and network with beef industry leaders. This sparked his interest in cattle performance programs and technology.


Elected to American Brahman Breeders Association

Rachel Cutrer elected to American Brahman Breeders Association board of directors, allowing three generations of our family to serve simultaneously on the board of directors. Rachel served on the executive board also from 2010 to 2014.


A Major Investment

Used all of our personal savings to purchase a group of cattle from J.D. Hudgins, Locke Division to build the start of our new individual herd. This group included JDH Jennessa Manso as a 15 year old cow. Jennessa would go on to be one of the major influences of our program.


Carcass Evaluation Program

Brandon Cutrer spearheads the largest carcass evaluation program of purebred Brahman steers in the ABBA’s Carcass Evaluation Project.


A Birthday Gift…

Brandon talks John Locke into a joint flush between JDH Elmo and Miss V8 100/7 – as a gift to Rachel for her birthday. This flush results in Mr. V8 458/7 “Noble” – who was originally owned 50/50 by the Cutrer’s and Locke family. A 50% interest was sold to Sam Sparks when Noble was still on the cow.


Practical Performance

Took out a loan to purchase 78 head from D-Bar Ranch, Sam and Nan Duplantis. This was similar to a “mature cow herd dispersal” of their program, as we purchased their older breeding herd and they kept their replacement females. These cattle added a boost of practical performance genetics to our existing cow herd and helped propel both our numbers ... Read More


Judging in Nicaragua

Brandon judged his first major international Brahman show in 2013 at the National Brahman Show of Nicaragua. This country is very dear to our hearts.


Butterfly AC

“Butterfly AC” shoulder brand established, representing cattle owned by Ann Catherine Cutrer


An Acquisition & God’s Divine Intervention

John Down, owner of Southern Cattle Company, called Rachel a few days before Houston and said he’d like to sell out his Brahman cattle. He named his price. Rachel said, give me 30 minutes to call Brandon, but I’m giving you my word that we are 99% going to do this deal. We felt this was God’s divine intervention putting ... Read More


B.R. Cutrer Offers 1st Genomic Enhanced Brahman EPDs in USA

Through our partnership with Zoetis, we were able to offer the first Brahman cattle to sell with genomic enhanced EPDs in the USA. Our entire herd is DNA verified, and backed by genomic-enhanced EPDs that add another layer of accuracy and predictability in helping our customers select cattle.