A Family Heritage of Cattle, Land, Faith, and Courage.

Legendary Brahman cattle are a strong part of BRC's heritage, but even more important are the foundations of faith, courage, and integrity. Founded by Brandon and Rachel Cutrer, the BRC team is breaking Brahman stereotypes and reaching unsurpassed Brahman heights.

But, while innovation is a pillar of BRC, so is tradition.

Here's why. A hundred and eighty years ago, Texas was a new frontier. Rachel Cutrer's ancestors survived the war of Texas Independence, returned to their homes - many of which had been burned down by the Mexican army - and started over from scratch. Life as they knew it was completely turned upside down, but they kept pushing forward, and eventually developed the American Brahman breed of cattle. Cattle made for this new frontier of the gulf coast.  Another relative served as Texas Ranger, driving cattle on the Chisolm Trail. Still another farmed thousands of acres of farmland on the Brazos River, building a life for their family and several other sharecroppers on their land. And equally important, many of the Cutrer family ancestors were serving our country as veterans in the U.S. Armed Forces.

These are the traditions and stories we hold dear, as it was our forefathers who lived it. These are the stories we share with our daughters to teach them about how important it is to honor the generations before you who paved the way.

The Forefront of a New Generation

Today's ranchers face frontiers that are different, but no less grand. Success in today's ranching business takes no less sweat, no less courage, and no less faith. But today's frontiers are built through relationships, through science, and through the bigger dream of always asking "Can we make it better?"

Our ancestors well equipped us with the fire to fuel our passion: raising the world's most exceptional Brahman cattle. They taught us it's well worth it to "risk it all" for a dream you believe in and are willing to work hard at every single day of your life. That's why Brandon and Rachel created B.R. Cutrer, Inc. The BRC brand represents the powerful teamwork of Brandon & Rachel Cutrer.

Rachel's 4x great grandmother, Rachel Ann Northington Hudgins, was a pioneer Texas rancher and the matriarch of the J.D. Hudgins Ranch. As a widow during the early days of Texas independence, she was the first woman in Wharton county to register her own cattle brand in 1936. Later, she and her four sons started the cattle ranching operation that would become J.D. Hudgins, Inc., the largest Brahman ranch in the USA and owners of Manso, the most significant Brahman bull in history.

Back in 1924, our ancestors brought a new breed of Indian cattle to Texas from Brazil. These Brahman pioneers cross-bred the Indian cattle – a tropical breed that did well in warm climates – with local cattle. The result? The foundation stock for what we now know as the highest quality Brahman cattle in the world.

Rachel Cutrer was born and raised on a Brahman cattle operation owned by her grandparents Sloan and Mollie Williams. Her grandparents graciously allowed her to be part of that operation from 1979 to 2019, and many of our cattle carry their brand. Throughout her life, Rachel’s cattle have been identified with the "R" shoulder brand. For 40 years, the "R" shoulder brand built a worldwide following and that has carried over to now creating a tremendous demand for the hot new "BRC" hip brand that has become a new icon and status symbol worldwide for excellence in Brahman bloodlines. And now, we are proudly watching and supporting as the "M" and "AC" brands of BRC are achieving greatness in their own regards.

BRC: Where Legacy Meets Modernity

Innovative Minds Fueling the BRC Vision for Excellence

Great things are rarely done by just one person - they're done by a team.  Brandon and Rachel Cutrer have assembled a talented team of the top young professionals in the Brahman breed and beef industry, ready to serve you.

The profession of cattle ranching drives us to seek solace in the land, environment, and good cattle. A hard day’s work, a job well done, and knowing that you’ve left things better for the next generation is one of life’s keenest pleasures. Our team is at your service!


Brandon Cutrer

Brandon Cutrer is the owner and co-general manager of BRC. He has over 20 years experience in the Brahman breed, ranging from serving as a herdsman at Smith Brahmans, serving as herdsman at Mississippi State University, formerly serving as assistant manager at V8 Ranch for 10 years prior to forming BRC in 2019. Brandon is a fanatic in terms of Brahman pedigrees, performance, and genetic improvement. He is the breeder of the four Grand Champion Females at Houston (2016, 2017, 2019 and 2020) and the breeder of "Noble."  Brandon is a former executive board member of the American Brahman Breeders Association, past president of Mississippi Brahman Association and has judged Brahman cattle across the USA and in Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras and Colombia. He holds a B.S. in agricultural economics from Mississippi State University.

Rachel Cutrer

Rachel Cutrer is widely recognized as one of the most significant female Brahman breeders in history. She manages Brahman Country Beef, and is president of Brahman Country Genetics, a global semen and embryo corporation.

Rachel was named Texas A&M University's first ever Outstanding Young Alumni of Agriculture and Life Sciences. She serves as a board member of Texas 4-H Foundation, El Campo Memorial Hospital, TAMU College of Agriculture, TAMU Department of Animal Science, and Wharton Country Club. She has spoke at numerous beef industry conferences including Beef Cattle Short Course, NCBA Cattle Industry Convention, American Meat Science Association, and has served as a guest lecturer at Texas A&M University, Ohio State University, Kansas State University, Western Illinois University, Oklahoma State University and more.

Rachel received her B.S. in Animal Science from Texas A&M University and a M.S. in Agricultural and Extension Education from Michigan State University and holds a certificate from Cornell University.


Harley Wade

Harley Wade serves as our show cattle manager. Harley is a Florida native, and like Brandon, built his Brahman experience through hard work. Harley began showing cattle in high school, with the support of his mother Julie Wade. He was eager to soak up any bit of knowledge he could about showing cattle. Harley manages our show cattle operation and is committed to excellent feeding, management, and showmanship. Harley assists our junior and show clients with advice and mentorship.

Ing. Fransisco Javier Garcia

Fransisco Javier Garcia is a graduate of the University of Chapingo in Mexico and is an expert at beef cattle nutrition and reproduction. He is exceptionally talented at animal husbandry and stockmanship. Fransisco manages our bull development center, including managing feed rations, measuring performance programs, and overseeing our herd reproduction and animal health protocols. He is also a spanish speaker and assists our international clients with selection of Brahman bulls and females to go back to their countries and add BRC genetics to ranches in Mexico, Central America and South America.

Keaton Dodd

Keaton Dodd  serves as the director of performance and genetics at BRC. Keaton holds a B.S. in animal science and a M.S. in animal breeding from Texas A&M University, where his graduate research focused on the history of Brahman pedigrees and genetics. While at TAMU, he also served as coach of the Livestock Judging Team, and is an experienced livestock judge of all species. Keaton leads the BRC genomics program and performance program and also coordinates the Brahman Country Genetics cooperator program

BRC's Purpose

  • Glorify God

    To glorify God in all that we do, while placing our second priority on our marriage and children.

  • Outstanding Brahman Replacement Females

    To raise outstanding replacement Brahman females...for our customers.

  • Make More Money for Our Customers

    To sell Brahman bulls that raise heavier calves (and make more money)... for our commercial customers.

  • Improve the Global Beef Industry

    To continually raise AI sires that will make a difference in the Brahman breed and improve the global beef industry.

  • Feed the World

    To feed a growing population with wholesome, healthy beef....for the world.

BRC Colleagues and Collaborators

Brandon & Rachel Cutrer know that the most successful seedstock producers have a great network of colleagues and collaborators who help fuel their passion for improvement. We are grateful to these businesses for their collaboration with BRC as we propel the Brahman breed to new heights.

Miraculous People of Courage. Generational Blessings.

"May his favor be upon you, for a thousand generations, and your children, and their children, and their children, and their children." -"The Blessing" Elevation Worship

BRC's path to excellence is paved along the way by the most important resource on a ranch: the PEOPLE. There's no magic in cattle. The magic is in the people.

BRC is backed by more than 150 years of visionary pioneers, brave men and women who worked and risked it all to build a better life. BRC exists because we had dedicated mentors who saw a spark in us, and fueled that fire. Here's is a brief timeline of how BRC became one of the top Brahman operations in the world.


Major Andrew Northington Receives A Texas Land Grant

Major Andrew Northington, the 6x great grandfather of Mollie Cutrer and Ann Catherine Cutrer, and the 5x great grandfather of Rachel Cutrer, was born March 9, 1792 in North Carolina. On May 28, 1831, Andrew received his first Texas land grand, as part of Stephen F. Austin’s third colony in Texas. Major Northington was the son of parents of wealth ... Read More


Gustavous Banowsky

Gustavous Banowsky, Annie and Mollie Cutrer’s 3x great grandfather, was born in Berlin and came to Texas at six months old. He joined the Civil War at 15 years old, and then later joined the Texas Rangers, serving the Big Bend region, including facing Indian raids and driving cattle on the Chisolm trail. Gus instituted within his family the virtues ... Read More


Brazilian Importation

J.D. Hudgins, Rachel’s ancestors, made a significant importation of Brahman cattle from Brazil that went on to shape the modern Brahman as it is today. Pictured here is Jim Forgason, Rachel’s 3x Great GrandFather.


Ethel Hudgins Forgason

Ethel Hudgins Forgason (1884-1972) is the second inspiring woman in the BRC family tree. Ethel married Jim Forgason. As the sister to Walter Hudgins, she was just as an astute cattle breeder as the men in her family. Even at an older age, she maintained daily care of the J.D. Hudgins herd bulls, like this one.


The Start of Rachel’s Herd

Rachel’s grandparents, Sloan and Mollie Williams, gave Rachel +Miss V8 617/2 as a gift to start her Brahman herd. That young heifer went on to be a two-time Reserve National Champion Female, and held the #1 spot in the ABBA Register of Renown for over 25 years. This cow gave Rachel the start of her herd. For their entire life, ... Read More


Rachel and Suva

Throughout her life, Rachel has been blessed to “know” so many great bulls of the breed. And by “knowing,” we mean actually knowing. Knowing their favorite scratching spots, knowing them by name, feeding them by hand. We live and breathe Brahman cattle, from a hands on perspective. She is pictured here with the #1 Bull of the ABBA Register of ... Read More


Love for Brahman Is In Our Blood

As a young girl, Rachel grew up on the Brahman show road. Her father taught her that there’s nothing a girl can’t do and gave her opportunities to grow and expand. Here she is showing the calf of the National Champion Female in 1982. Throughout her time with her former ranch position, even until her last year there, Rachel always ... Read More


Rachel and Mary Poppins Win The All American

In her first All American, Rachel and “Mary Poppins” were named Grand Champion Female of the AJBA All American. This story and heifer are the inspiration or Rachel’s “Sarah the Showman” children’s books.


National Champion At 11 Years Old

Rachel exhibited the 1990 National Champion Female with her bred-and-owned cow, “Amber.” During this time, it was unheard of for a youngster to show in the open shows with “the men.” Rachel had a special touch with Amber. They were a team and she boldly competed in the open shows – as a young girl. Even today, many of the ... Read More


State Cattlemen’s Programs Shape a Young Leader

Brandon, pictured far left, served as the president of the Mississippi Junior Cattlemen’s Association, allowing him to attend national beef industry events and network with beef industry leaders. This sparked his interest in cattle performance programs and technology.


The Most Successful Junior Grey Brahman Career of AJBA History

Rachel finishes one of the most successful junior Brahman careers of all time. Rachel exhibited six Grand Champion Grey Females at the Brahman All-American, a record that still stands today. She was also a two-time Grand Champion Showman of the Brahman breed. She is pictured here with one of her most successful junior show heifers, Miss V8 180/5, who was ... Read More


Rachel Creates Ranch House Designs

Rachel Cutrer forms Ranch House Designs, Inc., as a “side hustle” while she is a student at Texas A&M University. Over the last two decades, Ranch House has grown to be the leading livestock ad agency in the world, serving over 800 ranchers in their web design, graphic design, and purebred cattle marketing needs.


Rachel Earns M.S. at Michigan State University

From 2001 to 2003, Rachel lived in Lansing, Michigan, while completing her master’s degree under the legendary leaders in animal science: Dr. Harlan Ritchie, Dr. Dave Hawkins, and ag communications guru Dr. Kirk Heinze. During this time, Rachel worked for the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station and Michigan Cattlemen’s Association developing Beef Quality Assurance programs.


Brandon Serves as MJCA President

Brandon served as president of the Mississippi Junior Cattlemen’s Association. This opportunity allowed him to grow his leadership skills, expand his beef industry horizons, and set the foundation for his love of the beef industry.


Rachel Elected to ABBA Board

Rachel Cutrer elected to American Brahman Breeders Association board of directors, allowing three generations of our family to serve simultaneously on the board of directors. Rachel served on the executive board also from 2010 to 2014.


Making Brahman History

Miss V8 100/7, bred and owned by BRC, makes Brahman history as the first polled grey Brahman female to be named National Champion. 100/7 later went on to produce our most famous sire, Noble. This was our first National Champion as a married couple. Since then, BRC has been the breeder of more National Grand Champion and International Grand Champion ... Read More


A Marriage of Two Brahman Fanatics

When Brandon and Rachel met at the 2009 All American (Brahman junior nationals), they quickly fell in love and knew it was a match from God. We dated briefly, and got engaged at the Houston Livestock Show, right after +Miss V8 797/6 went into the Register of Renown. We married in a small intimate wedding in Wharton County in May ... Read More


BRC Begins Focus on Carcass Improvement

During this time, we realized the Brahman breed needed some major improvement in carcass traits and felt someone needed to step up and lead this charge. Brandon Cutrer accepted the task. He began spearheading the largest carcass evaluation program of purebred Brahman steers in the ABBA’s Carcass Evaluation Project over the decade of 2010 to 2010, and improved our average ... Read More


Purchase of Females from Locke Division, JD Hudgins

Brandon and Rachel married, with Brahman cattle as their life’s passion and God as their foundation. Rachel’s grandfather, Sloan Williams, invited Brandon to come work alongside him at his ranch, where we spent the first decade of our marriage. This year, we used all of our personal savings to purchase a group of cattle from J.D. Hudgins, Locke Division to ... Read More


A Noble Partnership

Brandon and John Locke partner on a joint flush between JDH Elmo and Miss V8 100/7 – as a gift to Rachel for her birthday. This flush results in Mr. V8 458/7 “Noble” – who was originally owned 50/50 by the Cutrer’s and Locke family. A 50% interest was sold to Sam Sparks when Noble was still on the cow.


TAMU Outstanding Young Alumni

In the fall 2012, Rachel was named Outstanding Young Alumni of Texas A&M University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. She, along with her close friend, Cari Rincker, were selected as the first-ever recipients of this award. Rachel is pictured with Dr. Mark Hussey at the awards ceremony.


Guatemala Trade Mission

Brandon and Rachel participate in an official ABBA delegation to Guatemala to promote the Brahman breed. This trip was the start of our love for international travel and basis for building many friendships with breeders across Central America.


382 Wins Houston

In March 2013, we exhibited our first International Champion Female as a married couple, with +Miss V8 382/7. This female was actually bred by Jeff Smith, and Brandon purchased half-interest in her as a embryo. When we got married, Mr. Jeff gave us his and Mrs. Tammy’s half as our wedding gift. 382 came over to Texas with Brandon as ... Read More


Purchase of D Bar Mature Cow Herd

After we paid off our loan of our first purchase from the Locke cows, we heard that Sam and Nan Duplantis were looking to downsize and sell a large majority of their mature cows in the fall of 2013. We were very familiar with this program and immediately drove to Erath, Louisiana to look at the herd. Despite Mr. Sam’s ... Read More


Judging in Nicaragua

In December 2013, Brandon judged his first major international Brahman show: National Brahman Show of Nicaragua. We were able to experience this trip thanks to the mentorship of David Domsch and Rene Bequillard. This country is very dear to our hearts. Brandon judged in Mexico, Nicaragua and Colombia prior to Annie being born, and now stays close to home mostly ... Read More


Brandon Elected to ABBA Board

Brandon Cutrer elected to American Brahman Breeders Association board of directors, making us the first husband and wife to serve simultaneously on the board. Brandon served on the performance, show, and membership committees. We both retired from the board in 2020.


Butterfly AC Established

Our youngest daughter, Ann Catherine Cutrer, was born in 2015. She too was named in honor of her great-grandmother, Ann Catherine Sloan Williams (Dadaw’s mother). Annie’s brand, the “Butterfly AC” was also designed by Annie’s grandfather, Jim Williams. Annie’s great-grandfather Sloan Williams’ invited her to be part of his ranch, V8 Ranch from 2015 to 2019. Now Annie’s brand is ... Read More


Purchase of Southern Cattle Company Herd

John Down, owner of Southern Cattle Company, called Rachel a few days before Houston and said he’d like to sell out his Brahman cattle. We had established a close relationship with Mr. Down, as he had purchased several cattle from us over the previous few years. Rachel said, give me 30 minutes to call Brandon, but I’m giving you my ... Read More


Brahman County Beef Established

Also in 2018, we formed Brahman Country Beef LLC, the USA’s first 100% Brahman branded beef program. This beef features purebred Brahman steers raised and fed on our ranch, featuring our genetics. This program allowed BRC to basically experience the beef supply chain full circle – from seedstock bull sales, to selling retail beef. This program was only possible due ... Read More


Boom Shaka Laka Earns Back to Back Houston Champions

In March 2018, Miss V8 21/8 “Boom Shaka Laka” made Brahman breed history by being named the breed’s only two-time Houston Grand Champion Grey Female. Her mother, +Miss V8 382/7 was also a past Houston Grand Champion. And, Boom Shaka Laka is the dam of the 2020 Houston Grand Champion Grey Brahman Female, Miss V8 824/7 (Bred by BRC and ... Read More


Aggie 100

Our cattle entity, Brandon H. Cutrer, LLC was named to the Aggie 100 list. This award is given by Texas A&M University to the top 100 fastest growing Aggie-owned businesses. We also earned this award in 2019. This award was largely due in part to the growth and expansion we had been focusing on since the D-Bar purchases, and the ... Read More


Mollie’s First All American

Mollie Jo Cutrer participates at her first All American, making her the second generation of BRC to participate in AJBA program. Mollie exhibited a Division Champion Female, Queenie (Miss V8 818/8), and was named 2nd High Point All Around Exhibitor of her age division.


BRC Established

BR Cutrer, Inc. was formed in September 2019, as we closed the chapter of our affiliation with V8 Ranch. We treasure these times, and the advice Rachel’s grandparents gave us. We appreciate the four decades they so graciously allowed us to be part of their entity. We weren’t expecting this change, but when it happened, we called upon the strength ... Read More


BRC Offers USA’s 1st Genomic Enhanced Brahman EPDs

Through our partnership with Zoetis, we were able to offer the first Brahman cattle to sell with genomic enhanced EPDs in the USA. Our entire herd is DNA verified, and backed by genomic-enhanced EPDs that add another layer of accuracy and predictability in helping our customers select cattle.


Noble: Legendary Sire of Champions

Noble made his mark at the 2020 International Brahman Show in Houston and established himself as one of the all time great show sires of the breed. Noble is the sire of the following winners at the 2020 Houston International Brahman Show, the largest Brahman show in the USA. To our knowledge, there is no other sire who has sired ... Read More

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