2023 Houston Stall Showcase List Announced

February 20, 2023

We proudly announce the highly anticipated list of BRC’s modern Brahman semen sires that will be available from February 21 to March 1st at these special investment levels.

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$10,000 Investment

$2,000 Investment
M2 BRC Captain 518/1
BRC Dutton 376/8
“Jimmy” Syndicate (Package of 20 units)

$1,500 Investment
ECC Polled Maverick 302/9

$1,000 Investment
BRC Boom Box 38
BRC Republic of Texas 36 “El Tejano”

$500 Investment
BRC Whoa Macklin 112
BRC Hey Dude 118
Mr. V8 794/7 (P)
Mr. V8 279/7

$250 Investment*
BRC Tugboat Captain 125

$100 Investment*
BRC Jumanji 67

*Requires a minimum 2 units

Young Guns Package :
$2500 Investment
Includes 2 units each on Jumanji, Tugboat, Whoa Macklin and Hey Dude.

Champion Makers Package :
$13,750 Investment
Includes 1 unit each on Noble, Captain and Dutton.

Mystery Semen Package:
$2000 Investment

The package for the daredevils and fun-lovers. Will be drawn in person at Houston on Wednesday, March 1.

Online store opens February 21 to our email list and February 22 to the public. Special offerings end on Wednesday, March 1 at the BRC Stalls in Houston. All buyers must agree to the semen terms and conditions listed online.

Sign up for our email list now to get access to the pre-sale.

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