2023 All American Facts and Figures / Analysis

July 2, 2023

Texarkana, Arkansas – After each major Brahman show, breed enthusiasts eagerly await the unveiling of the results. Here at BRC, we are data fanatics and we enjoy perusing through the data and analyzing the genetic trends of the cattle that rose to the top.

For the second consecutive year, BRC bloodlines were the most successful bloodline at the 2023 AJBA All American in terms of number of class winners, division winners, and overall grand champions.  Under three different industry judges – Ryan Rash, Kolten Thigpen, and Webb Fields – the show was an exemplary platform for BRC cattle.

Overall Championship Analysis

BRC Ranch was the breeder of the Grand Champion Grey Female and Grand Champion Grey Bull. The All American ranks as the second-largest Brahman show in the USA, and was the ideal stage for “BRC’s Modern Brahman” to rise to the top. 

The Grand Champion Female title was bestowed upon BRC Me Again Margaret 254, also the champion of the Intermediate Division. Sired by Noble and out of 103/8 from the esteemed BRC 98 cow family, this outstanding female was exhibited by Mollie Cutrer.

Taking the spotlight as the 2023 Grand Champion Bull was none other than BRC Amos Moses 257, a stellar performer emerging from the Yearling Division. Sired by +BRC 160/8 and out of the legendary Brahman female Boom Shaka Laka, this bull showcased his exceptional genetics under the skillful showmanship of exhibitor Kase Baca.

The Reserve Grand Champion Bull, Mr. LPC 167, also boasted a 100% BRC bloodline. Sired by 279/7 and out of an R-branded V8 female, previously purchased as a junior show heifer by the McCall family, this bull is an exciting young polled bull that we think will make a big impact on the breed. 

In total, three of the four overall champions in the grey Brahman show were produced as a result of 100% BRC bloodlines on the sire and dam side.

Show Rankings by Sire

+M2 BRC Captain 518/1, emerged as the #1 sire of the show, siring six class winners including RSC Miss Rachael 52/2 exhibited by Preston Shelley, Miss TBF 65 exhibited by Connor Thibodeaux, BRC Wynonna 238 exhibited by Mollie Cutrer, Miss HC Willow 157/1 exhibited by Ryan Mack Simpson, BRC Cactus Diva 167 exhibited by Kase Baca, and Walters Betty June 605 exhibited by Klaire Fontenot. Three of these class winners went on to secure division championships, with BRC Wynonna 238 claiming the Intermediate Champion Grey Female, Walters Betty June 605 winning the Yearling Champion Grey Female, and BRC Cactus Diva 167 clinching the Reserve Senior Champion Grey Female title.

Captain was also the #1 sire of the 2023 International Brahman Show at Houston.

Here are the sires that produced class winners in the grey show: 

  • +M2 BRC Captain 518/1 (sire of 6 class winners)
  • BRC 160/8 (sire of 2 class winners and the Grand Champion Bull)
  • +JDH Sir Leon Manso 776/6 (sire of 2 class winners)
  • Mr Bar D MN Ghost Rider (sire of 2 class winners)
  • +Mr. V8 146/8 (sire of 2 class winners)
  • BRC Boomtown 372/8
  • BRC Mr. V8 458/7 “Noble” – Sire of the Grand Champion Female
  • BRC Mr. V8 306/7
  • +Mr. V8 380/6
  • Mr. V8 996/7
  • (+)JDH ATLAS MANSO 328/3
  • JDH Benson Manso 500/9
  • JDH Mr Hero Manso 91/5
  • JDH Sir Malone Miso 985/6
  • LB Nilson Manso 119/5
  • Moreno Mr. Michael Jackson
  • +Mr BER 427
  • Mr. CBR 667/8
  • +Mr. H Vega Manso 301/2
  • Mr. H Bogota Manso 253/1
  • Mr. H Pride of Maddox Manso 684
  • Mr Johnny Cash 780
  • Mr SG Apollo 123/6
  • Mr SNS Bandit 227/4
  • Mr SNS Mojo 412/9
  • Mr SNS Omaha 273/6
  • +Mr WCC Maximus Rojo 82/4

When analyzing the bloodlines backing the winners, BRC bulls sired 12 of the 39 class winners. BRC females produced four class winners, for a total of 16 of the 39 class winners in the grey Brahman division carrying the esteemed BRC bloodline.

Ranch Performance by Number of Head 

When analyzing the number of head exhibited at the show, BRC’s popularity as a preferred choice for junior exhibitors seeking exceptional junior Brahman show heifers was also highlighted. With 12 head of BRC branded cattle competing at the All American, the median placing averaged an impressive 2nd place finish. BRC branded cattle secured five class championships, two second places, one third place finish, two fourth place finishes, and two 8th place finishes. This stellar performance bestowed BRC with the highest overall average ranking of any other ranch at the show that served as a source for junior members to purchase show heifers.

While the show results are public, our calculation of the average rankings of individual ranches’ cattle placements as a whole are not published. However, some standout performers besides BRC included the Thibodeaux Brahman Ranch, displaying consistent excellence with two class winners, one second, and two third-place finishes. Additionally, 007 Ranch secured two class winners and two third places, demonstrating their exceptional consistency in achieving top positions with the cattle they raised and sold. Bulls Eye Ranch made a mark with two class winners, three second-place finishes, and three third-place finishes, showcasing their cattle’s remarkable consistency. Heritage Cattle was another very strong bloodline represented in the show with several outstanding entries and high placing cattle throughout the bull and female show. 

Here is the ranking of what ranches sold the most cattle to compete at the All American: 

  1. AT Brahmans – 25 head
  2. Bulls Eye Ranch – 20 head 
  3. V8 Ranch – 16 head
  4. BRC Ranch – 12 head with a median placing of 2nd
  5. Moreno Ranches – 11 head
  6. JD Hudgins – 11 head
  7. Thibodeaux Brahman Ranch – 10 head
  8. Heritage Cattle – 9 head 
  9. McMullen Cattle – 9 head
  10. Schulte Cattle – 9 head
  11. J-S Brahmans – 9 head

Raised vs. Purchased Cattle 

This analysis proved to be an exciting figure for the breed, illustrating the quality and collaboration between adult ranches and junior programs. An encouraging 59% of the class winners were purchased by junior members for showing, highlighting the strong bond between adult breeders and young showmen. Based on public online sale data pricing, the cost of purchasing these class winning cattle ranged from $5700 to $85,000. These strong figures showcase the wide availability of high quality Brahman cattle across all budgets.

The following ranches were sources of purchased show cattle (both bulls and heifers) that went on to win their class: Circle T Cattle Company, BRC Ranch, Herzog Cattle, Walters Livestock, AT Brahmans, Cassidy Ashworth, Sexing Technologies, Kelsey Spencer, Bob Rich, Phillip Cattle Company, Hollis Deckert, Satterfield Ranch, Claire Jalufka, Schulte Cattle, V8 Ranch, Riling Izard, and Miskimon Ranch. 

The remaining 41% of class winners came from home-raised programs, revealing the availability of high-quality Brahman genetics to empower members in starting their own successful programs. It also shows the strong family atmosphere of the Brahman breed. The following ranches / juniors bred class winners from the “home raised” category: 007 Ranch and their son Isaac Duhon; BRC Ranch and their daughter Mollie Cutrer; Hammonds Brahman Ranch and their daughter Addison Hammonds; Bar D Ranch and their daughter Jana Wall; 5H Ranch and their daughter Brynn Harris; Bulls Eye Ranch and their grandson, Jaxson Smith; Carriere Cattle; Little Pecan Cattle and Grace McCall; Holden Jefferson; The Shelley Family; Thibodeaux Brahman Ranch, and Wyatt Oakes. 


Once again, the 2023 All American Brahman Show was a testament to the Brahman breed’s remarkable potential and the dedication of its breeders and exhibitors.

If you are considering purchasing a Brahman show heifer, we invite you to explore all of the opportunities available in the Brahman breed.

For more information, visit www.showman.app for a detailed review of all the show results and highlights.

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