2022 BRC Beyond the Banners Brahman Scholarship Winners Announced

July 12, 2022

BRC awarded $3500 in scholarships to junior Brahman exhibitors at the 2022 AJBA “All American” in Mercedes, Texas in July.

2022 BRC Beyond the Banners Scholarship Winners are (l-r): Ty Hebert, Haley Phillips, Rylee Vacek, Cash Vittitow, Harleigh Strack, Callie Welty and JD Sartwelle.

Each summer, BRC’s Beyond the Banners Scholarship rewards graduating senior members of the American Junior Brahman Association through The Brahman Foundation. Rachel Cutrer of BRC was a founding board member of The Brahman Foundation and we firmly believe in continuing to support their activities.

2022 Brahman Scholarship Winners

Ty Hebert is a longtime AJBA member from Louisiana. He exemplifies service, leadership, and kindness. Ty is a legacy member of AJBA / ABBA with a strong family history in the breed.

Haley Phillips is a Texan with a strong focus for improving the Brahman breed through good management and breeding.

Rylee Vacek is a strong advocate for the Brahman breed and for the agriculture industry in Texas. She is a seasoned veteran of the HLSR commercial steer contest, and is a whiz at public speaking.

Cash Vittitow is a legacy Brahman exhibitor and leader of AJBA and TJBA. He demonstrates the values we hold dear such as kindness, service, leadership, and integrity.

Harleigh Strack is an exciting young woman in agriculture with a work ethic second to none and a passion for entrepreneurship. She embodies hard work, drive, and passion for the Brahman breed. Harleigh also served as one of our student marketing assistants in 2021-2022.

Callie Welty is a remarkable young woman who’s excelled in AJBA, TJBA, and FFA. She has overcome numerous obstacles to become one of the most outstanding AJBA members in history. She is the winner of the 2022 Shawnee Bailey Memorial Award, the highest honor AJBA can bestow on a member. Callie is an alumni of our BRC Showmanship Camps.

J.D. Sartwelle is the 2021-2022 AJBA President and TJBA president and represents a longstanding tradition of service and passion for the Brahman breed. Rachel’s grandfather, Sloan Williams, was employed by J.D.’s great grandfather, Mr. Sartwelle, at Port City as a young person. We hold this family relationship very dear.

Applications for the BRC Beyond the Banners Scholarship are coordinated through The Brahman Foundation and are due in the spring. To date, BRC has awarded over $60,000 in scholarships to Brahman youth and young people of our home community of Boling.

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