2022 Brahman Country Spring Genetic Evaluation Sire Summary

August 1, 2022

The 2022 spring genomic evaluation is complete and we are excited to share the Spring 2022 BRC Sire Summary. Listed below are the traits along with the top 10 leaders for each EPD along with the accuracy value. In this sire summary we included all active BRC breeding bulls, AI sires, current bulls for sale, as well as any BRC branded bulls active in customers herds around the globe. All bulls in this summary are at least a year of age or older, although they are not all parent animals, because the improved accuracy values of these genetically backed figures merits comparison even with no progeny records.

This sire evaluation is based on data from 2600+ head. All of the data represented is 100% DNA verified genomic data. BRC is the only Brahman ranch in the USA utilizing this type of genomic data. While the ABBA has taken a position that they do not support the requirement of DNA, we believe our customers and their investments are worth the extra effort we put forth to provide accurate, parent verified data. We will continue to offer this service more into the future as we add more traits and tools to BRC customers.

Birthweight Trait Leaders

Reg. NumberAnimal NameBW EPDACC.Owner
1028653BRC Mr. Ingram 1160.20.17Maeckel Farm Cattle
902942MR. V8 194/70.30.71BRC
1003565M2 BRC CAPTAIN 518/10.30.57BRC & Wichita Ranch
936312MR. V8 750/70.40.46BRC
907983MR. V8 259/70.80.64BRC
1015791BRC MR. GALVESTON 871.10.44A.P. Breitschopf & Sons Inc.
1026892BRC Ghost Pepper 1331.20.53BRC and Walter’s Livestock Enterprise
1033738BRC Timber Line 1751.80.49BRC
988538MR. V8 372/81.90.55BRC
998639BRC Peanut 641/8 2.00.51BRC and GB Ranch

Weaning Weight Trait Leaders

Reg. NumberAnimal NameWW EPDACC.Owner
964180MR. V8 160/8590.32BRC & Arms Cattle
919887MR. V8 458/7570.77Sam Sparks, BRC & JDH Locke Division
982961MR. V8 381/8530.41Emma Smith
998388BRC Yetistone 588/8 510.38BRC
1033749BRC Checks in the Mail 188500.43Lilly Grace Larson
998399BRC 542/8 500.38Mollie Jo Cutrer & Williams Ranch at Turkey Creek
1010754BRC MR. WALKING TALL 51490.33McKenzie Lutz
1011829BRC MR. JUMANJI 67470.38Ann Catherine Cutrer & Walters Livestock Enterprise
1011830BRC MR. MARSHALL DILLON 70450.36Ann Catherine Cutrer
988540BRC Dutton 376/8440.42BRC & Garrett Cattle Co.

Yearling Weight Trait Leaders

Reg. NumberAnimal NameYW EPDACC.Owner
919887Mr. V8 458/7980.65Sam Sparks, BRC & JDH Locke Division
964180MR. V8 160/8970.29BRC & Arms Cattle
982961MR. V8 381/8830.27Emma Smith
1033749BRC Checks in the Mail 188800.18Lilly Grace Larson
998388BRC Yetistone 588/8 780.26BRC 
998399BRC 542/8 760.29Mollie Jo Cutrer & Williams Ranch at Turkey Creek
998159BRC 555/8 720.29BRC & Francisco Christiani
1010754BRC MR. WALKING TALL 51710.08McKenzie Lutz
1011829BRC MR. JUMANJI 67710.10BRC & Walter’s Livestock Enterprise
988540BRC Dutton 376/8710.20BRC & Garrett Cattle Co.

Milk Trait Leaders

Reg. NumberAnimal NameMilk EPDACC.Owner
910241MR. V8 279/7 (P)80.09BRC & Southern Cattle
1010754BRC MR. WALKING TALL 5180.07McKenzie Lutz
941010MR. V8 794/7 (P)80.11BRC & Southern Cattle
1015905BRC Mr. Aggie 10870.13BRC & Finley Bros. Cattle Co.
990437RWT MR HAT CREEK RAIDER70.00BRC & Tipp Ranch
1033747BRC Capt Pablo our Guide 18370.10H Land, Cattle & Consulting 
907983MR. V8 259/770.11BRC
1011001BRC MR. EAGLE 2370.05BRC
936312MR. V8 750/770.12BRC
1015791BRC MR. GALVESTON 8760.07A.P. Breitschopf & Sons Inc.

Scrotal Circumference Brahman Trait Leaders

Reg. NumberAnimal NameSC EPDACC.Owner
919887MR. V8 458/70.430.50Sam Sparks, BRC & JDH Locke Division
910241MR. V8 279/7 (P)0.360.24BRC & Southern Cattle
907983MR. V8 259/70.330.08BRC
988540MR. V8 376/80.280.25BRC & Garrett Cattle
1033738BRC Timber Line 1750.210.19BRC
1026892BRC Ghost Pepper 1330.180.23BRC & Walter’s Livestock Enterprise
964180MR. V8 160/80.180.12BRC & Arms Cattle
950794MR. V8 968/70.170.12Mollie Jo Cutrer
998399BRC 542/8 0.160.24Mollie Jo Cutrer & Williams Ranch at Turkey Creek
982961MR. V8 381/80.160.24Emma Smith
988538BRC Boomtown 372/80.110.24BRC
1001023BRC INDEPENDENCE 22 (S)0.100.28BRC & Williams Ranch at Turkey Creek

IMF / Marbling Trait Leaders

Reg. NumberAnimal NameIMF EPDACC.Owner
902942MR. V8 194/70.070.47BRC
1010752BRC MR. SAN ANTONIO 500.060.22M4 Ranch
907983MR. V8 259/70.050.22BRC
1015791BRC MR. GALVESTON 870.050.15A.P. Breitschopf & Sons Inc.
1011830BRC MR. MARSHALL DILLON 700.020.23BRC
1015905BRC Mr. Aggie 1080.020.25BRC & Finley Bros. Cattle Co.
1001041BRC SEGUIN 400.010.29Sidney Youngblood
990437RWT MR HAT CREEK RAIDER0.010.00BRC & Tipp Ranch
1001038BRC MR. BOOM BOX 380.000.28BRC & Triple R Brahmans
1001034BRC TRAVIS 370.000.17Ashworth Cattle & Arms Cattle

REA Trait Leaders

Reg. NumberAnimal NameREA EPDACC.Owner
902942MR. V8 194/70.860.39BRC
998388BRC Yetistone 588/8 0.810.27BRC
998159BRC  555/8 0.760.31BRC & Franciscio Christiani
1033749BRC Checks in the Mail 1880.670.29Lilly Grace Larson
1033746BRC Captain Ritchie 1820.670.17BRC & Baker’s Brahman Farm
1001041BRC SEGUIN 400.630.23Sidney Youngblood
1010758BRC MR. ADRENALINE 590.630.14Hickory Ridge Farms
1011852BRC Boomin’ Legacy 620.610.22BRC & Bruce Alford Cattle Co.
1001034BRC TRAVIS 370.610.12Ashworth Cattle & Arms Cattle
1033747BRC Capt Pablo our Guide 1830.600.14H Land, Cattle, and Consulting

What can this mean for BRC Customers?

When you buy BRC, you are buying into the only Brahman program with access to Genomically Enhanced EPDs.  We hope this evaluation can help current and future customers make more accurate mating decisions within their operations.

The benefit of genomics on these EPD’s can easily be noted when you look at the difference in accuracy values through Brahman Country Genetics versus the traditional values assigned by the breed association. For example, on average carcass traits for a non parent animal can see their accuracy number increase anywhere from 3 to 4 times what they were originally.

Let GE-EPDs be a tool to allow producers to make more accurate and dependable decisions much sooner, even before progeny records are supplied. We invite breeders who have used BRC genetics to join in our Fall 2022 Genetic Evaluation.

Together we can continue to strengthen our data set and supply usable data to continue to improve.

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