Where Tradition Meets Modern

There’s actually over 150 years of history and tradition behind the Brahman breed’s hottest new brand – BRC. In this short clip, Brandon and Rachel Cutrer explain a glimpse into what BRC is, and why we care so many about tradition and innovation.

Covid 19 Effects on Ranchers

How Covid-19 Has Impacted This Ranch

The American ranch is known for their determination, perseverance, and grit. It’s part of the spirit of the west, and cowboy code.  When Covid-19 hit, life changed, for every American. And while farmers and ranchers have resilience bred into their spirits for generations, the change is still noticeable and affecting rural America.  Here are the things we have noticed as …

The Code of the West

The Code of the West

Ethics and integrity are pillars of BRC, and in our opinion, one of the best examples of what we try to strive for is known as “The Code of the West.” That, along with the Bible, are pretty solid rules for living. These simple rules for living are ones we adhere to: 1) Live each day with courage.2) Take pride …

brahman vs beefmaster

Brahman vs. Beefmaster

When it comes to Brahman and Beefmaster cattle, both are a great choice to start your cattle business with. Both breeds were developed right here in the USA and have been thriving here for generations. Beefmaster cattle are composed of 50% Brahman, 25% Hereford and 25% Shorthorn. In this blog, we will compare the differences between Brahman cattle and Beefmaster …

louisiana brahmans

Why Louisiana is Made for Brahmans

Louisiana is the second largest state in the USA for Brahman production, second to Texas. Louisiana is home to many great Brahman herds, and it’s no surprise Brahman cattle have a longstanding history of success and popularity in this great southern state. Louisiana’s topography consists of flat lowlands, swamps, marshland, even prairies and woodlands. This makes Brahman cattle the perfect …

Brahman graphic

American Independence and Brahman Cattle

In the spirit of July 4th, Independence Day in the United States, I’d like to borrow a story that appeared in the July 1946 issue of the Brahman Breeder-Feeder magazine. I was inspired by the words written 74 years ago, and I believe them even today. This ad was a simple black and white ad placed by the Stuart Brothers …

Brahman Carcass Quality Sire

BRC Quality Beef Brahman Sires

Quality means everything to us at BRC. We’ve dedicated the last decade of our lives to constant improvement of the Brahman breed. We are pleased to present our new performance program: BRC Quality Beef Certified Brahman Bulls. This is an internal certification process we offer at BRC as a way to help better our program and the Brahman breed as …