Brahman History

A Brief History of Brahman in the United States

By Rachel Cutrer The American Brahman breed has a rich and glorious history in the United States, and here at BRC we are always proud of our heritage in the breed yet look for progressive and modern practices to keep the breed moving forward.  This blog is a brief summary of the history of Brahman cattle in the United States. …

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15 Of Our Favorite Houston Photos

As we look forward to the Houston festivities next week, we thought it would be fun to share some of our most favorite photos from the Houston Brahman Show over the last 40 years, and the stories that go with them. These next few photos all revolve around +Miss V8 382/7, and the wonderful/horrific memories of showing her at Houston …

Country Roads Brahman Meme

Country Roads Brahman Meme

We love Brahman cattle and are always making fun memes to share the fun. If you like these, visit us on Facebook at

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Free Brahman Kids Printables and Brahman Educational Worksheets for Teachers

We love kids here at BRC and we know what it’s like to look for fun and educational activities to keep your little ones entertained. That’s why we put together these free educational resources that you are welcome to print at home and use at home, in your home schooling activities, at your 4-H meetings, kids activities, or any way …

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BRC Wins Grand Championships at Dixie National

JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI- B.R. Cutrer, Inc. exhibited at the 2020 Dixie National in Jackson, Mississippi and claimed the Grand Champion Brahman Bull and Grand Champion Brahman Female. They also exhibited the Champion Get-of-Sire and Champion ET Produce of Dam. Jennifer Parker judged. BRC’s 805/8 was named Grand Champion Brahman Female and was previous selected as junior division champion. She is sired …

what does it cost to raise brahman cattle

What Does It Cost to Raise Brahman Cattle?

We’ve had several “a-ha” moments while raising our Brahman cattle, and a lot of them have involved discovering some key costs and figures that affected our bottom line. When Brandon and I took over financial management of the previous operation we were part of, we were starting from zero in terms of knowing what it costs to operate. We had …

high standards at tom brothers

High Standards at Tom Brothers

Tom Brothers Partnered with BR Cutrer to Develop New Blood Simbrah Ellen Tom says she is only as good as the worst cow on her place. With that philosophy, it’s important to have high standards. Driven by data with a keen eye for conformation, it’s strict criteria she sets for the seedstock they breed.  We couldn’t agree more. That’s why …

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2020 Houston Brahman Show Activities

BR Cutrer invites you to join us March 2 – 6, 2020 for the best week of the year for Brahman activities in the United States: The Houston Livestock Show! This page is a resource for all things BRC / HLSR. If we can assist you with any of your travel planning, activity planning, or questions please email Houston …