m2 brc captain 518/1

1st Quarter Semen Sales Report from Brahman Country Genetics

We are proud to present our Q1 Brahman semen sales report from Brahman Country Genetics, LLC. Brahman Country Genetics is a global semen and embryo company under the BR Cutrer family of brands.

Semen sales from the first quarter indicate a high level of continued growing interest in the Brahman breed. In the first quarter, our company exported Brahman semen to nine different countries including the continents of North America, South America, Asia, and Africa.

Brahman Country Genetics is also a premier semen sales company to serve U.S. ranchers looking for Brahman semen for their AI and flush needs. In the first quarter, we provided Brahman semen to cattle ranchers in 11 different U.S. states primarily on the gulf coast and southern United States.

Our firm also provides in-herd consulting for our semen customers, where we help match up the best AI sires with your females. We are even able to provide AI synchronization and on-farm AI services to our semen clients. Click here for information about our herd consultation services.

Here is the ranking of the most widely used Brahman AI sires from Brahman Country Genetics in the first quarter, based on total semen sales worldwide.

m2 brc captain 518/1
  1. M2 BRC Captain 518/1 – This new AI sire has taken the Brahman world by storm, and in his first three months of semen sales has claimed the #1 spot of our most popular AI sire. This bull is a very moderate framed, forage developed bull with an excellent pedigree. He was raised by Wichita Ranch and owned by Wichita Ranch / BR Cutrer, Inc. He is a very versatile bull that works for both the commercial cattleman and seedstock producer. Captain was offered with an introductory rate of $100 per unit through Houston and is now $250 for purebred use. Order Captain semen. Crossbreeding rates available through BRC.
  2. Mr. V8 458/7 “Noble” – The reigning Brahman king of the show ring, siring the most winners of any other sire at the 2020 Houston Livestock Show including siring both the Grand Champion Grey Brahman Female and Grand Champion Grey Brahman Bull. Noble is the pride of BRC. His semen orders have skyrocketed this quarter, with many worldwide Brahman breeders placing very large volume orders and AI’ing their entire cow herd to this tremendous bull.
Mr V8 160/8 BRC

3. Mr. V8 160/8 – The lead off bull of the BRC show string that retired at Houston in 2020 and a fantastic Noble son. This bull has also captured the attention of the Brahman world with large volume orders from Central America and a lot of interest from Paraguay, South Africa, and Australia. We also featured an exclusive offering of 20 units of conventional semen in the USA which sold out immediately.

4. Mr. V8 794/7 – The polled powerhouse of BRC who has become a proven sire of champions in just his first calf crop. This very powerful, long bodied and stylish 191 son has also been very popular in the USA and worldwide. Order 794 semen.

5. Mr. V8 48/8 “Elvis” – Elvis has been a consistent high seller on the Brahman Country sire list for the previous two fiscal quarters. He is a very versatile sire who is a Noble son with lots of depth and eye appeal. He is our current sexed semen feature. Order Sexed Semen | Order Conventional Semen

Mr V8 372/8 Boom Town

6. Mr. V8 372/8 “Boom Town” – This young sire actually ranks 3rd in number of units sold and 6th in terms of dollars sold. He is our 2020 feature of a young gun AI sire that is offered at a price point that every rancher can afford. We believe in providing access to elite Brahman genetics on a widespread level so that the breed can improve. Boom Town is a full brother to Dutton, and a full brother to the 2020 Houston Grand Champion Female, all three bred by BRC. His mother is the famed Boom Shaka Laka. Order Semen

7. Mr. V8 259/7 – He never goes out of style! 259, now at 9 years of age and still aggressively breeding cows at the ranch, has been a mainstay on our top sellers list since 2013. At $50 per straw, he is a great choice for both crossbreeding and purebred use. Order 259 semen.

8. +Mr. V8 279/7 – Another polled powerhouse bred by BRC, who entered the ABBA Register of Renown this year for outstanding show ring progeny.

9. Mr. V8 968/7 – The 2019 Senior Division Champion at Houston and a very deep bodied, heavy muscled Noble son. This bull enters the top 10 list with numbers based primarily on international sales only, where other bulls on this list have both US and international. He is already siring winners in his first calf crop including the 2020 San Antonio Junior Show Calf Champion Female.

10. Mr. V8 137/8 rounds out the top ten. This is an excellent son of Mr. V8 380/6 who very closely resembles his sire and is our go-to choice for focusing on those genetics. He is owned by Rancho Rogers of Mexico and part of our Brahman Country Genetics cooperator program. Order semen.

To learn more about Brahman Country Genetics, you can visit our website. We also offer semen on our bulls through our online store.



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